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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
New to the forum. Found this interesting because I had previously found that my workouts were a lot better when I hadn't fapped.
I started about a month ago. Cut out porn and masturbating completely. These are my results so far:
Week 1 was very difficult. I don't fap as much as I used to but it is definitely something that I use to de-stress at the end of often stressful days. I had much more energy...and was able to function quite well on 5-6 hours a night in a highly demanding job. By week 2, I was working out or running every day. I had a 9 day stretch where I worked out or ran daily. All the same, all I could think about was women. I was very distracted at work and didn't get much reading done at all. By week 2's end....I had done my first (successful) cold approach at a park. I was getting numbers quite easily when out with buddies. I felt gregarious, I felt talkative, I felt more confident, I was getting erections while walking and I didn't give a fuck. My behavior, which was previously "gentle" and introverted...was bordering on creepy this week. As an aside, I noticed girls looking at my crotch a lot more, though that may be because of the tighter pants I've been wearing rather than anything else. Also, I should add here I am not sure how much of this is attributable to the placebo effect of having read other users with similar experiences, but it was definitely there. And it was good, and I loved it.
At the end of week 3, I saw an old fling. I came within 5-10 minutes compared to the usual 20-30. It flew 6 feet in the air and was probably one of the best orgasms i have ever had. However, in the past, I would have a very short refractory period - half an hour tops, but this time, it ended up being closer to hours before I could do what I wanted to do. I think that this is because I wasn't getting laid at the same time as I was not fapping.
Currently, I am on day 30. My libido is awful. I don't even feel like looking at porn anymore. There are things going on in my personal life that are contributing to this - shitty failing ltr, stressful job etc. Regardless - I have made many good changes and I am sure that the good things will continue to come.
Pros :
1) confidence, desperation, bravado - whatever you want to call it - to approach and seduce women.
2) increased energy to workout, pursue women, and lowered sleep requirements. before I started this - i could barely do 3 pullups and bench 115 pounds. I am now doing 5 sets of 7 pullups, 5 X5 chinups with 25 lbs weights, and benching 135 for 7 reps and three sets on the incline. Doesn't seem like much, but I am the quintessential ectomorph so the gains have and will be slow to come.
3) I don't know if it is a combination of the above, but women have been more receptive to me of late. I am a quiet, intense guy, and this is definitely a variation from the norm for me.
4) Swagger and not giving a fuck levels at all time high.
5) Perhaps most importantly, I feel like I have conquered the one thing I never thought I could. I have gone 2 days without sleeping, I have gone 2 days without eating or drinking, but I had never gone more than two weeks without fapping. I think that accomplishing this has given me a boost of confidence to eliminate other unnecessary distractions from my life - facebook, cellphone etc.

1) Performing academic tasks that require sustained concentration has been very difficult. I am hoping this will improve in the coming weeks to months.
2) borderline creepiness at times.
3) Libido doing strange things at the moment. Daily morning wood now waning (though this is after I came at the end of week 3)
4) I have repeatedly asked myself - why the fuck am I doing this? Masturbation seems as natural to me as shitting or eating. I don't have a good explanation for myself other than that it IS an addiction (why else would I want to do it so badly when I abstain) and pushing through is somehow going to be worth it in the end. At the very least, I can say that I tried.
Hope that helps.
Good luck!
09-17-2012 07:35 PM
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