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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
Update here. I am more or less done with 'nofap'. Didn't really see the benefit of continuing, after 83 days. I was never really addicted to begin with and that is what the whole 'nofap' practice is intended to fix.

As long as you keep fapping to a minimum, say 1-2x a week max, you are good. Also, no porn, that is what I believe is detrimental.

In moderation, masturbation will allow you to still sap into your sexual nature without being counter-intuitive. Too much and you will release too much of that energy and lose drive to bang and meet new women.

During this run I banged 3 new women, and that is not because of going on a long streak. It's because whenever I had the thought of fapping, say on a Tuesday, I'd tell myself to reconsider it after I went out on Wednesday through Saturday. And normally the times I did pull off 3-4 nights a week, I did very well either by getting a ONS or several makeouts and prospects. Makeouts on their own I find are good because they allow you to release some of that sexual energy by sharing it with another woman. The more attractive she is, the stronger that release. Although the strongest and most powerful release is during sex, of course.

To sum up what I have learned:
- Nofap isn't that big of a deal. A lot of affects you hear about (energy, confidence etc) might just be placebo, unless you are a chronic fapper and you suddenly stop (not my case, so can't attest). I think when a lot of people say they are more social, giving more eye contact and such on nofap, are under a confirmation bias of some sort. They force themselves to be more social subconsciously so they can confirm that nofap is working. Social psychology states we want to be consistent, and obviously not put in work for nothing; we want things to work. You say girls are checking you out more and giving you more eye contact? Maybe its because you have chosen to look at girls more and you have started to notice what they have been doing all along.
- Nofap on its own won't end dry spells, instead will increase your motivation to go out there and pull. More motivation=more effort=higher chances=more results
- Porn is what should be cut down. Accept you have a sexual nature and fap in moderation, and you are set.

That concludes my nofap experiment. Might try again in the future. Would be great to hear some other experiences.
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