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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(03-08-2014 02:07 AM)termo Wrote:  What do you guys think of fapping once a week vs completely going cold turkey

I think that is a good idea. If people wanted to experiment with the benefits of giving up - I think reducing to once a week would be the better way to go. Since you get alot of the benefits that come from not doing it - and still get a regular release which stops you from blowing over.

I'm 32 and jerk off 3-4 times a day. I have no idea how anyone could give it up over a longer term.

And when I cut down and go without for a couple of days - I find that my brain is completely obsessed with sex all day long. I am not sure if that is a good thing since it is incredibly distracting for me. I actually get drunk thinking about female beauty - it honestly becomes intoxicating.

But - if I were working out alot - then I think such a feeling would make you want to go kick ass in the gym. When you are horny - working out becomes alot easier to do.

Also - and I'm just throwing this out there. Do the benefits of giving up jerking mostly benefit those with low sex drives? Since if you have a high sex drive - it would be very hard to abstain long term. And also - the benefits (ie thinking even more about sex) are not needed as much. Since you would be pretty obsessed already.

It would be interesting to know if there is a link between a lower sex drive and those who can give up jerking for long periods of time?
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