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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
I used the Sedona method for a while about 4 years ago or so and it helped me get rid of/improve a couple of issues I had been having, namely porn and titty bars.

The Sedona method believes that any type of negative behavior, including addictions, negative thoughts, depression etc, is caused by unconscious emotional/energy blockages that accumulate over time.

They have a number of audio products and work books. How it works is that you're asked to get into the feeling of this particular issue/addiction that you want to get rid of and then you ask yourself a number of questions how this issue makes you feel, and then at the end you "let go" of it.

This may sound like a lot of new age BS to some of the peeps on here but it actually works, at least for me it did. The interesting thing is that you can actually get to the bottom of why you're exhibiting this kind of behavior. For me it was the fact that on a very deep, emotional, subconscious level that I was not consciously aware of, I believed that I wasn't good enough, not worthy. So this led me to pay for attention (titty bars) and watch other people getting it on, not myself (porn).

Once I got into the feeling of this basic thought/emotion, I was able to release it through the Sedona method. It took me a couple of weeks of using this method to get to this deeper level but once I reached it, all of my previous wants/desires/inclinations for porn/strippers completely disappeared. So I wasn't using any willpower whatsoever, I just didn't have the urges anymore.

This lasted for about six months before the porn habit kinda creeped back in a bit but it never became as severe as it had been in the past. The Sedona method actually tells you that this is very common and normal, that once you get rid of a certain problem, it is possible that it may return in a similar or slightly altered form. This doesn't mean that the method didn't work but rather that you need to go even deeper.

Even though it was working for me, I decided to stop using the Sedona method when I found something else that I thought/think is even more effective, namely Qigong.

I have found that, at least for myself, a lot of these negative thoughts and behavior patterns are caused by emotional/energy blockages in the body. The Sedona method, other release techniques and Qigong are ways of breaking through those barriers and restoring energy balances. IME Qigong is the most effective method I have come across so far.

It doesn't only help with mental/emotional issues, but also with physical ones. I had been having chronic back/shoulder/neck problems for over a decade and the Sedona method and especially Qigong have considerably improved this.

Like I said earlier, many of you are probably sceptical about this. I'm not here to try and convince anyone to believe in this. I'm only saying what worked and is working for me.

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