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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
I managed over two months before having a weak moment after a bang. Sometimes having sex triggers me to want more stimulation when I'm back by myself. Solution: minimize time at home the day after sex.

Here are some things I noticed while abstaining:

-My eyes light up more when seeing an attractive girl. Girls respond well to this and often their eyes light up too which makes for an easy approach.

-I feel that girls can sense that you are more 'eligible' than when you aren't looking at porn. It's as if they can sense that you are more open to making connections with new people.

-I'm way more relaxed. This is partly because of the extra time, energy, and testosterone I have. But it's also due to the elimination of cognitive dissonance. For the past year I've been 'NoPorn' way more than I haven't, so I already know the benefits and I know that I shouldn't be looking at porn. The cognitive dissonance leads to stress.

-I'm more confident. Porn is a huge temptation for young guys (and even girls now). Knowing that you are one of the people who is strong enough or is fulfilled enough by life that you can abstain from it makes you feel more confident.

-The voice thing is incredible. I don't understand the mechanism, but eliminating porn always leads to a deeper and richer voice for me and this is even more pronounced when I'm not jerking it at all either.

-I'm more persistent. This is the biggest help to my game. Let's face it, a little bit of thirst is necessary these days. When I'm using porn I'm more likely to abandon an approach before giving her time to warm up and more likely to burn a number if she's not very enthusiastic about getting the D. I just feel like girls want to fuck me more than usual, so I give them more chances to show it. Roosh had an interesting post about this recently.

-Most importantly I got laid more. Forget the cause-and-effect. Results are king.

It really is a blessing that so many guys out there are using more and more porn. Nowadays you can stand out by having very strong sexual desire, in addition to your game and lifestyle together, since so many guys have weak desire.

Here are some things I learned about keeping the streak going:

-No half measures. All porn obviously must be eliminated, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean jerking it to non-porn, i.e. girls on facebook, instagram, dating sites is better than porn, but the issue is that it maintains the desire for stimulation from a computer screen. To quit for life you have to eliminate the entire concept of jerking off to a computer, period. The same goes with fantasizing about girls from porn. Don't tempt yourself. Get all of your stimulation from approaches. This leads to the next point.

-You must be actively approaching. All of my longest stints have occurred because I increased the amount of effort I put into approaching. As self-improvement gurus have been saying for years, you can't eliminate a bad habit, you have to replace it with a good habit. Your abstinence from porn combined with successes from approaching lead to a positive feedback cycle that will make it harder for you to relapse. If you haven't done 100 approaches then this is the time.

-Its better to eliminate jerking it altogether. See what happens if you ignore the so-called need to "clear the pipes". Your dick isn't going to fall off and you won't get cancer. Focusing at school work is harder when you are constantly thinking about sex, but you need to ride this wave of energy and learn how to balance it with your work-life. Use this as the ultimatum that your nuts have to come from the girls you approach. If this means temporarily lowering your standards, then do it, you'll build your way up to the girls you think you deserve.

-Keep up your other good habits. Don't focus on NoFap so much that you lose track of staying in shape, pursuing goals and improving style. Discipline can not be compartmentalized.
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