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Loud bitch gets hell of an uppercut
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RE: Loud bitch gets hell of an uppercut
(10-14-2012 06:58 PM)Timoteo Wrote:  
(10-14-2012 06:50 PM)Neil Skywalker Wrote:  Ah, ok I understand the part about the Germans now but i didn't recognize it as a Godwin because usually stronger language is used in this case.

No worries, about the personal information. I just took you as an example for something I'm a little annoyed by on this forum. Nothing personal. I've had a few times that I had a certain image of a person in my mind for a long time just to find out later that it was totally different.

I don't understand why you're bothered by how some protect their personal information. You've made the decision to be an author and sell books, so in doing so you've had to put yourself out there a bit more. That doesn't mean everyone else should follow suit. You're asking everyone to qualify their opinion of this thread to you, based on where they live, so you can make a judgment as to whether or not their opinion is legitimate?

Did you not read the text you quoted from me?

It has nothing to do with me being partly out there. It has everything to do with sharing minor info that makes understanding a poster a bit better.
Would you rather take traveling advice from some one like me (50 something countries on a shoestring) or from someone who once went to Cancun for the weekend?

The same goes for race. How hard is to share your skin color? If someone is giving game advice and I think its a black dude for ages then this makes a difference.
I mean how many guys thought G was a black dude? He turned out to be white. This changes the whole image I have of a person.
And no, i'm not being racist. I'm just talking about the certain image you have in your mind of a person.
Would you not be a bit offended if for example El Mech turned out to be a Japanese midget? or if a famous poster turned out to be a woman?

I'm just annoyed by the fact that not even the most basic things are shared.
This is what I wanted to point out when i talked about walterschmidt living in Europe. You can't even share the country you lived in in Europe?
(out of 25 or so countries)

I hope I made myself clear because I won't be in this thread much longer.

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10-14-2012 07:25 PM
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