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Loud bitch gets hell of an uppercut
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RE: Loud bitch gets hell of an uppercut
(10-17-2012 08:37 AM)reaper23 Wrote:  i have a unique perspective.

I have hit a girl and knocked her down with my fists. this was because she assaulted me and hit me several times and was clearly not going to stop.

I also work in an environment where I see and interact with the type of woman from the original post, hood rats. I'm talking poverty stricken, multi baby and baby daddy having, uneducated, and violent.

when i I hit that girl, I lost. the consequences came down on me hard (at the time). it was in school and I got suspended for five days, failed some classes because of it etc etc. no charges were pressed, but she got off totally free.

I also know how these bitches around here react and what the respond to.

I suggest that the bus driver did himself a disservice by punching that woman, even though she deserved it.

He would have been better served by trying to restrain and remove her. he could have done that. grab her by the throat and move her off the bus/off of him.

or by stopping the bus, getting off the bus and calling the cops. he could have stopped the bus in the middle of the street and been justified in doing that.

that would have been the best course of action.

The guy has to think about himself first, not about making a social statement.

it is easy for us to cheer or jeer him, but lets focus on doing the right thing for ourselves and that guy did not do it.

bitch had it coming, no doubt, but he was stupid for doing that and will pay.

so I can't cheer a guy for doing something that clearly nets him a negative position.

that makes him stupid

Again, I'd be curious to know what the protocol is for bus drivers in this situation. He has to look out for the safety of himself and the passengers. Wrestling with her might have been even more dangerous- she could have had a knife. A surprise punch to disorient her like that might have been the course of action.
10-17-2012 09:56 AM
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