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Movie Scenes Thread [Learning]
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RE: Movie Scenes Thread [Learning]
So I had a girl over tonight and she pulls up a 1997 chick flick, Fools Rush In, with Salma Hayak and that dude from Friends.

This scene caught my eye for some game lessons.

This is when they first meet.

1. She asks to cut ahead of him in line for the bathroom. Rather than acquiescing and being "too nice" he throws a bunch of wise ass comments out and calls her out for bullshitting in a cocky/funny way.

2. He eventually let's her cut ahead, but in a face saving way for himself. This way, she is in close proximity so he can continue to game her (if he put his foot down and she went to the back of the line, the interaction would probably be over for good). She says she can really pee fast (he's not caving too easy so she has to qualify herself) and he makes sarcastic remarks about her being a gold medal pisser and says "this I got to see."

3. There was nothing nice or beta in how he let her cut ahead in line, yet he didn't take the "alpha thing" to ridiculous lengths and sternly make her go to the back of the line.

4. She gives him a shit test at around 2:00, and he responds "would you like to go back to the end of the line?" Shit test passed.

5. At around 2:20 she spits out her spiritual nonsense, and he makes fun of it and makes it clear he doesn't believe in that. He mocks her. He won't comply with her frame.

The next scene after this one is Salma waking up in bed with "Chandler" after a night of smashing.

Take care of those titties for me.
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