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Movie Scenes Thread [Learning]
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RE: Movie Scenes Thread [Learning]
This is a movie that I greatly enjoy from time to time: Croupier. It stars Clive Owen before he really took off in U.S. films, and is meant to be the dark side of a Casino dealer. He only cares about himself and his own moral code, which is very different from that of the rest of society.

"I love you Jack, you know that"
"And he half-loved Marion, and she knew that too"
- This is the attitude that was consistent with every relationship I've had that lasted until I got tired of it.

His deadpan delivery and stoic attitude add a lot of interest to the movie.

"What aftershave are you using?":
"Never converse with the punters, slows things down"
- He doesn't acknowledge the shit tests and other heckling that get in the way of his goals.

There's also some other good scenes that aren't in that clip.

The major disappointment in that movie is that the female actresses that play his love interests are subpar. It was less believable to have the british women to be stunning, apparently.

04-02-2015 07:25 PM
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