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Russian language: no more bullshit
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RE: Russian language: no more bullshit
(01-31-2016 04:23 PM)swuglyfe Wrote:  Anyone out there who have done/know both Polish and Russian, what is the delta between and what are the underlying similarities between Russian and Polish. By May I will have finished 2 years' worth of continuous intensive Russian study, covering a strong foundation of basic vocab, verbal aspect, and all cases. How easy/difficult would it be and what kind of a foundation would I have to work with on Polish?

Thanks in advance.

I've been studying both for almost 2 years now. I started from scratch and I'm not fluent yet so take this with a grain of salt. From personal experience I can say that Polish is deifinitely harder due to:

-More complicated case system. The prepositional case and the nominative plural are really easy in Russian but considerably complicated in Polish (nom. plural and locative decline based on gender AND last consonant). On top of that, instead of the accusative as with most direct object constructions, a lot of verbs take the genitive instead, for no particular reason. Polish also uses some cases a bit differently. The instrumental case for example is more common than in Russian.

-The gender system is more complex in Polish. In Russian you just have masculine, feminine and neuter (and animacy: animate/inanimate). In Polish on top of having animate/inanimate, you also divide the masculine gender into personal and non-personal and the plural into two pronouns: "oni" (if it's all men or men + women) and "one" if it's only women or women and small children ("dziecko").

-Verb conjugations are much easier in Russian. For the past tense, you only have 4 forms: masculine, feminine, neuter and plural (although in practice the neuter one is rarely used) whereas in Polish, verbs have a different form for the 1st person singular, 2nd person, 3rd person...etc (one for each pronoun: ja, ty, on, ona, on, my, wy, oni, one). Similarly, the conditional tense is also more complex in Polish.

-Russian has slightly more borrowed words from English (and a few from French and German).

Luckily, the case endings are mostly very similar, almost identical for both languages (except for the previous exceptions) and the grammar generally works quite similarly. Knowing Russian definitely helps with Polish although general vocabullary can be very different. Everynow and then you might find a few verbs and nouns that are almost identical, but for the most part a lot of words and expressions are surprisingly different. For general comprehension matters they can sometimes complement each other, e.g "My name is..."

Polish: Mam na imię...
Russian: Меня зовут...

You would think this is completelly different (and it is) but if you know that dzwonić means to call someone in Polish, then you can more or less figure out what зовут (infinitive звонить) means, if you see what I'm saying. There's a lot of similar examples.

Surprisingly knowledge of Spanish helps a lot with both languages, specially Russian e.g use of dative constructions "Me gusta" (literally "it pleases me") which is the same as мне нравится, or "Me aburro" (I'm bored), мне скучно.. etc

I hope this helps.

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