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Russian language: no more bullshit
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RE: Russian language: no more bullshit
Sorry to write this bro, but I can't disagree with you anymore than what you wrote.

Alternatives to practicing speaking on a one-on-one lessons with a native speaker are:

(1) you go through a textbook yourself. This is a pathway to poor pronunciation. Much better to go through a textbook with a tutor if you can, who you then practice making new sentences with the grammar textbook with.

(2) instead of one-on-one lessons, you have lessons with a native speaker joint with other people who are learning. This is cheaper and I've done a lot of these. The problem is you don't get the individualized attention, and instead of doing 60-70% of the talking (as I recommend), you'll get to do 15% of the talking. And then you have to listen to people speak Russian with bad accents, which may be even be counter-productive. Sitting in a college class with 30 people can be helpful, but I've found you waste a lot of time and will barely get to practice speaking. This doesn't seem like a seriously preferable option, unless you are cash-strapped.

(3) Pimsleur is good for pronunciation and for learning some basic vocabulary. But, while it helped me to memorize phrases and improved my pronunciation, it did not lead to very good conversational results. I just got good at repeating certain phrases. I recommend doing this while at the gym, jogging, or while commuting as a supplement, however.

(4) Other gimmicky stuff/reading/watching youtube videos/movies/doing grammar exercises. Fine to do these things, but the problem again is that you are not spending time speaking. If you practice doing grammar exercises, or using flash cards to memorize grammar, you will get better at doing grammar exercises and memorizing words, but these will not translate directly into more fluent Russian conversational skills. What's more, when you are practicing speaking with a tutor, you will be learning grammar and vocabulary as they arise in natural conversation.

(5) you do a homestay/have a girlfriend who speaks no english/live in the country and are thus exposed. These are not one-on-one lessons, but I fully believe you should do these things too! A homestay even better. But that's like doing a 24-hour one-on-one lesson where you are full exposed all day long.

The data you cited that one-on-one lessons don't get results you pulled out of your ass bro. It did not happen that immigrants were "forced" to take one-on-one lessons against their will (and, only allowed to use the language they were learning, and forced to do most of the speaking), but if it did, the problem was that they had no desire to learn a local language, not with the methodology.

(10-20-2018 12:18 PM)Shemp Wrote:  I have no problems learning cursive and actually already know it, but I separate the letters (I also separate cursive letters in English nowadays, since otherwise my handwriting is illegible even to me) and just make little cursive б bigger rather than using the correct cursive uppercase Б, for example. I guess I can ask the language school these questions when I get there.

Completely disagree regarding 1-on-1 being necessary or even a good idea for everyone. Pronunciation is first priority and that might require 1-on-1 work if you screw it up initially and then have to correct it. Starting with Pimsleur is a good way to avoid screwing up pronunciation. Russian pronunciation should not be difficult for native English speakers, other than the rolled R, which just takes practice since we can hear it fine, we just have trouble initially producing it. Compare with languages where we can't even hear the sounds because we lack early childhood exposure, and so will never be able to produce those sounds properly.

After pronunciation comes motivation. 1-on-1 lessons would kill my motivation. Maybe they help yours.

Read that word brain article I linked to for what neuroscience teaches about language learning. It's mostly about vocabulary. 1-on-1 is NOT most effective in terms of time for learning vocabulary. What is effective is spaced repetition flashcard systems, like Anki, but those kill my motivation, which is why I didn't bother initially, though I am using am Anki deck now.
10-21-2018 05:42 AM
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