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Russian language: no more bullshit
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RE: Russian language: no more bullshit
(04-18-2013 05:39 PM)Lika Wrote:  Roosh, I told you so when you were in Ukraine...

The only thing that prevents you is the fact that Russians, on the whole, are extremely racist and don't like dark skinned or "persian looking" people (that they brand "Caucasus").

You should perhaps go to Russia first, spend a few months and then decide if Russian is the language you really need.

If you look Georgian, Turkish, Azerbaijani or Chechnyan (plus other states from the Caucasus') and are in Russia, then yes, Lika, i agree, you are likely to often be on the negative end of negative discrimination - however, that can be manipulated in your favour. To be discussed after.

On the other hand, if you look Armenian, you are likely to be on the end of positive discrimination.

Know something? Armenians and Georgians and Turks and the rest look similar. Armenians receive positive discrimination. The others don't.
Ok, there are variations in the bridge of the nose, the eyes, the hue of the skin, etc, but, generally, if you take it individual by individual and not an aggregate face vs an aggregate face, then it is difficult to distinguish between the nationalities / ethnicities. So why are Armenians seen differently and in a better light?

Well, it's a Christian nation, and that is the root of it, however it is far more evolved than that. Ok, some of you will disagree. But i can swim further than you, so, let it be. Sure, Georgians are too, but, they are usually considered devious tramps with backward principles.
Even in the Balkans you can distinguish, generally, aggregate face vs aggregate face (not so easy with just individuals, although still often possible) between an Albanian Muslim and Bosnian Muslim or a Serbian Christian and Croatian Christian. Ok, the religion wasn't necessary there, sure, but, actually, it is, because, again, religion is the root of those slight differences here. Over time, tendencies and peculiarities within groups create certain behaviours and standards in appearances, etc etc etc.

Anyways, i am going off on a tangent. So, the point, somewhat connected to that point just loosely made a moment earlier, was that Armenians, in Russia, are seen positively (relatively), yet, in outward appearance, at first sight, to somebody who doesn't know better, it is difficult to tell the difference between an Armenian and the rest. Generally Armenians in Russia are seen as wealthy (or at least richer), with an exotic noble appeal. Even the less well off Armenians in Russia are considered to be 'cool' gangster types, as opposed to the 'bad' gangster types that other groups are considered. It's all abstracted bullshit (what isn't?) but it is the thinking of the herd and understanding it helps. Helps with what? Getting what you want from a given situation.
Well, there's some substance. Not much, but it should be enough to lead the conclusion and advice i will proffer below.

Guys, if you look like you are of the Turkish / Greek / Balkan yolk, or even of the Southern Italian variety, and want your look to work in your favour, then dress well enough, avoid mop hair styles, joke on the fact that you can pass for a Chechnyan mafioso, be comfortable with the sneering attitudes of some - you will encounter this - and you can work it in your favour, and, if they believe you to be Armenian, then it is already in your favour.
Alternatively, should you hang out in the wrong places (not wrong places per se, just wrong places for your look) , dress yourself in all black, wear a leather jacket and black leather shoes, fail to smile, and then they (those Russian girls) will think you to be a a part time mini cab driver who sleeps in your car, washes twice a week and is probably Azerbaijani. Don't do this if you want to bang Russian chicks.

In the Ukraine, however, being Armenian isn't really positive at all. It is mroe of a neutral thing. Being Greek there works well. But that's Ukraine, and that's the Dominican Republic, and this conversation was about Russia. Or Russian. Yep.
04-18-2013 07:27 PM
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