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Russian language: no more bullshit
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RE: Russian language: no more bullshit
The Russians who go to Turkey on holiday are the ones who didn't have enough time to organise a Schengen visa to Europe to go to Italy, Spain, France or Greece etc for the summer or who didn't have enough money to do a European vacation, so they do an all inclusive or half board trip to Turkey. Turkish visa restrictions are non existent. Sure, Russian women will bang the Turkish dudes in Turkey, but that isn't why they go there. The reasons are time (last minute bookings), visa issues or price (cheaper bookings). 95% of Russian chicks with an option between Europe or Turkey will choose Europe. Atilla, you're wrong.

And jimukr104. Read my post properly. Yes, dark features and light skinned are what Russians like. You are merely reiterating my point there, but, nevertheless, you're right. Ha. That was incidental. After all, dark featured, light skinned - that is what an Armenian looks like. Russian girls like that look.

Imagine two scenarios.

Scenario A.
If a dude who looks like that approaches a girl and says his name is Artak Harnoyan (typical Armenian type name) the girl will like him. She will have liked him from his look. She will have liked him even more when the hope that he was Armenian was confirmed. If he has a Russian sounding name like that, even better.

Scenario B.
Now, if a dude who looks like that approaches a girl and says his name is Joba Kobiashvili (typical Georgian type name) her initial high rating of him will have been diminished, even somewhat tarnished, by the fact he is Georgian. Yes, it is a shame. But yes, it is the way the Russian girl tends to think.

Now, will she still think the dude in scenario B better than looking than the Russian gopnik with his oversized trousers, pinched cheeks and strawberry picking haircut? Yes, she will. But Russians consider Georgians as 'eh'. Armenians, however, they consider as 'oh, really?' .

So even though the two dudes look similar, one of them is on the end of positive discrimination, the other on negative.

It's like my pal Sayed (Said actually, but i don't trust half of this forum to be able to get the point - for the other half, i included the correct English spelling. You decide which part you're on). He is Egyptian. He is good looking. He has adequate game. When he says his name is Massimo or Fabio, he gets 3x as much action. When he says his real name, well, he gets 3x less. Same dude. Same clothes. Same game. Same tendencies. Know what the difference is? The initial platform that he is working off. Some girls, when he pretends to be Italian, let him start from level 4 (easier to close). With others, when he is his Egyptian self, he begins from level 0 and so it is that much harder to pass each level succesfully.

So, yes. It makes a difference. And yes, Armenians, despite looking very similar to Georgians, are treated better. So jimukr104, i mentioned some silly stuff, indeed i did, but, none of the silly stuff i mentioned was that which you pulled me up on. Have a nice weekend.
04-19-2013 01:36 PM
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