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Russian language: no more bullshit
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RE: Russian language: no more bullshit
(04-19-2013 09:16 PM)Atilla Wrote:  
(04-19-2013 01:36 PM)Mersault Wrote:  The Russians who go to Turkey on holiday are the ones who didn't have enough time to organise a Schengen visa to Europe to go to Italy, Spain, France or Greece etc for the summer or who didn't have enough money to do a European vacation, so they do an all inclusive or half board trip to Turkey. Turkish visa restrictions are non existent. Sure, Russian women will bang the Turkish dudes in Turkey, but that isn't why they go there. The reasons are time (last minute bookings), visa issues or price (cheaper bookings). 95% of Russian chicks with an option between Europe or Turkey will choose Europe. Atilla, you're wrong.

I actually thought you gave valuable information and advice.
What am I wrong about though?
Quote:Turkey is the top tourist destination for Russians, mainly in Antalya, followed by Bodrum.

This is a fact. It's the top tourist spot for Russians. #1.

Who cares whether the majority of hot Russian tourist girls would have preferred to be in Spain, France, Mexico, or Botswana? You won't find more Russians on vacation anywhere else but Turkey, specifically Antalya and Bodrum.

Quote:There are even lots of Russian, German, and English girls who go because they like Turkish men. Some Russian girls go every summer, and I’ve met several Ukrainian girls who spoke Turkish.

These are also facts. I could have hyped it a bit, but what I wrote shouldn't have been misleading. I'm not saying most female European tourists choose Turkey because they like Turkish men - just like how most American women who travel to Jamaica aren't doing so to have sex with Jamaican men. I'm saying a lot of European girls do choose Turkey at least in large part for that reason, and sometimes specifically for that reason, as you can see in the map below.

The quality of men may be good for women living in Western Europe, but tourists may leave disappointed if they go there thinking men will swarm them for sex. Women can go an entire week in Germany and France without even being approached once. There are sizable numbers of women in Russia and Europe who meet a man in Turkey and end up getting married. The easiest places for a Turk to find Turk-loving Russian women are Antalya and Bodrum.

Do you honestly believe 30 million annual tourists to Turkey go there only because it's cheap? Only to see some historical sites?

Destination Map for Female Sex Tourism
[Image: Female_Sex_Tourism_Map.gif]


Firstly, i don't think all of the 30 million odd tourists who visit Turkey every year go because it's cheap. But i think a large percentage of them do. In fact, once the relative safety, relative cost and relative distance are considered i can easily understand why Turkey is such a popular tourist destination. It isn't sex tourism. It's SAFE CHEAP sun that is NOT FAR AWAY from Europeans / Russians, and Turkey has decent infrastructure. That's pretty much what Turkey's attraction to most Europeans / Russians mounts up to. To Russians there is also the Schengen visa issue vs no issue. Sex tourism (sex with native Turks) has little to do with their choice. The tone of your post implied this (''there are even lots of Russian, German, English girls who go because they like Turkish men'') was a large part of the sell. I'm stating it isn't. Next to no British or Russian girl goes to lastminute.com and books a holiday to Turkey because they like Turkish men. Yes, they might like Turkish men, and yes, many will have sex with Turkish men, but that isn't why they are going. If that holiday to Bodrum for 7 days all inclusive for £299 was available to Italy by the sea, they'd all go there instead. So, all in, what i am saying is that when they get to Turkey, yes, they will like Turkish men - after all, many are fine looking guys - and many of them will bang Turkish guys. But it is misleading to suggest or infer that is WHY they booked to go to Turkey. A half consequence of being there isn't a cause for going there. Anyhow, since that initial post you have acknowledged that you hyped it a bit and it's a waste of time continuing this.

I'll conclude. Many Russian women go to Turkey on holiday. Many of them bang Turkish guys. But almost all didn't book to go there to bang Turkish guys - ie. that wasn't their reason for going. Rather, the reason was cheap, safe, local, visa friendly sun. Those are reasons. Ha. I just thought of an example.

Russians in the $1200 monthly salary save up and go to Turkey in the summer. Russians in the $1800 monthly salary save up and go to Thailand. See what i'm getting at? They aren't going to Thailand for the native men. It's just that for their economic profile it's a relatively suitable holiday. Ok, this example wasn't the best, but the Champions League semi final starts soon and i'm hungover and writing like an Iranian who has spent 4 years cleaning dishes. Take care sir.
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