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Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?
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RE: Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?
LOL, I have noticed that very few upper-middle-class Country Club families' daughters or even LPGA players sport Thot Tats, Jungle Piercings or Peacock or Parrot colored hair. Sponsors will not pay for low-class THOTs and these young women though still willing to bang a Tiger or any young pro - are raised to know the social costs - one Country Club heiress I dated had a high-class former US Army Nurse Anesthetist feminine mother who used to say to her when we would go out "Remember who you are!"

An obvious admonishment to me that they were trusting me with their then virgin 22-Year-Old daughter and an admonishment to her to preserve her class dignity and SMV... luckily for me I was 26 at the time and worked at a Fortune 100 and had a little black book of Corporate THOT plates spinning to get my nut off on the regular - dated the heiress for two years with nothing more then kissing and her on top-heavy petting fully clothed... when she climbed into bed I used to neg her with "What are you doing - would your mother approve - remember who you are! ..." She was strictly my Friday night chick - I kept the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Night Sunday Morning plates spinning in rotation on the QT plus the occasional Corporate THOT that happened to fly in for a conference that weekend - I would explain my absence that weekend with "have to prepare and focus for a major project/sales/technical presentation next week".

Finally the heiress would climb into bed naked around 23 yo until I would find her there and would put a condom on me - that I made her stop at CVS to purchase as a compliance test and put it on herself which she then used to stimulate her clit and rub around the opening area of her vagina. Finally, my Thursday night divorcee with no kids gave me an ultimatum "No more slumber parties until I start spending the weekends!" So since I had to make a choice that Friday when the heiress was doing her usual clit and labial massage with my wrapped hard as hell slightly frustrated wood I decided literally to Puck It and go for full penetration and phock her as hard as I could smash her vulva till I got a hot sweaty hard nut off. The heiress who I then realized had never been penetrated not to mention Miltary Man Phucked Hard and put away wet to phock again and again - became sexually bonded and addicted to me for the next 4 years until I finally broke it off when she refused to get married and move on to my next Corporate relocation due to family pressure to remain with her family business. In retrospect I regret my oneitis I developed with her as she was my first and only virgin... my first was a cheap NCO off-base club slut who I banged in my car back seat on base after a hot night of dancing.

The single divorcee was actually a much better lay as she was on the pill and took it any way I wanted to pound it out and learned to give halfway decent Oral and I enjoyed it natural and raw with her... a mistake in retrospect.

So most common characteristic about upscale and corporate females raised to "Remember who they are!" Is NO primitive Blue Collar Working Servant-classes body ink what so ever... In my mind like spraying graffiti on a Bugatti or Ferrari or worse an original Botticelli.

I am not past throwing a meaningless random cum shot into a tramp stamped Corporate THOT just to satisfy my need to nut once in a while... knowing full well she is a planned pump and dump as I would never allow her to represent me in any way at a business function, Club or Resort with a pool area advertising she has no class.

LOL Dated a Harvard Med School Graduate light-skinned Latina on her clinical rotations at a Children's Hospital Fund Raiser benefit dance cocktail party at the ICA in Boston, whose father owned a construction infrastructure contracting company.

She used to say in a matter of fact way "At Harvard we are not Racist or Sexist but we ARE Classists".

Anything vulgar in language, mannerisms, style especially gangster or THOT slut/Tramp Stamp tatts were an indication of low or no class.

So perhaps we need a Country Club Game Data Sheet or Benefit Charity Balls/Galas data sheet...
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