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Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?
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RE: Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?
(10-14-2018 03:06 PM)NoMoreTO Wrote:  Definitely agree tattoos are a DTF signal. While they are a drag on value for me, its hard to bang young millennials without banging some inked girls.

I was banging a Brazilian girl in Canada for a little while up there. She had tattoos on her arms of the places she'd been and lived for 6 - 18 months. It was a turn off for any type of relationship beyond hooking up, like a bunch of postal stamps on a package going to abu dhabi. An ex of mine had one basic outline tattoo on her calf that she got when she was 15, very basic. It was forgivable because she wasn't actively seeking more and had some regret about getting it.

This is the linchpin right here - what is her attitude towards tattoos? I've dated many girls who have one silly tattoo from years ago. There's a big difference between girls who want to get more and those who accept that it was a bad decision. If she has one but is always mentioning getting more, or looking at pictures of tattoos, or complimenting her friends, gtfo.

Quote:I can't bring myself to really compliment girls on them anymore for the lay like in my 20s. The best I can say is "Its fine" if she asks or "Oh yeah" if she tells me how she got it. I also use the line 'nobody puts a bumper sticker on a benz', this is a fun phrase to be honest without interfering with the bang. It also works on boosting confidence with girls who don't have tattoos. You can call them classy like this, then bang them later.

I'm 100% honest with them. I use the bumper sticker line all the time. My positioning isn't that I "hate" tattoos, it's that I think they're ugly. I tell girls "no one ever looks better with a tattoo than without."

This might cost me short term bangs but for long term girls it does two things.

First, it shows that I'm an independent thinker who's not scared to tell it like it is. I don't toe the line about shit. Tattoos, Trump, gays, whatever. I tell it like it is.

This turns off girls who aren't that into me, or are just looking for a fling, but it's worth it in the long run. Being real filters out the tire kickers. I don't waste time on girls who are overly sensitive, or SJW's, or NPC's. It also means that girls who are intelligent will respect me for thinking for myself.

The second thing is that it makes quality girls try to qualify themselves. If she has a tattoo, and I tell her I don't like tattoos, she'll think she doesn't have a chance, and start making up for her tattoo in other areas. Of course, this is only if she's interested, but girls are fickle. It's like telling a blonde you prefer brunettes.

Quote:I would insist on a girl getting a tattoo removed prior to any kind of marriage or kids. This is a problem if the girl isn't very white, or the tattoo is large, the scar will show. That said, its a good way to let her know that if she wants to be taken seriously, or have a future with you, then she comes under your dominion and her body is your possession. If you don't crack down early on this stuff, when you're in a relationship/married she'll go out and get a bob-cut and give her hair to cancer without asking you.

I just think its the most awful seeing some chick pushing a stroller all inked up.


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10-24-2018 06:36 AM
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