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Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?
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RE: Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?
If she doesn't please you, then bail. Otherwise, just bang her. Try not to look at her tattoo. Put her in a position where the tattoo is not visible. If that fails, close your eyes and feel the sensation in your benis, or imagine you're banging that hot 9/10 girl from the laundromat. If asked to comment, give her a hint that you're not interested in discussing it or change the subject. They already know you think it's disgusting, and they are trying to shit-test you to see if you'll play stupid with them and are thus weak. In the rare instance where she dogs you for an opinion, it's pretty much over. Settle for the poosy she gave you and bail, unless you care about her enough to inform her that it's not her best feature, in which case you should bail because you probably value her too much. If somebody puts a weapon to you and forces you to comment, the only thing to say is that the tattoo needle is literally a phallic object penetrating her once virgin body, just like the dozens or hundreds of different men she will permit to penetrate her in her lifetime.

Tattooing is a highly symbolic act for a woman that signals “I'm a sexually active adult” and likely promiscuous (trashy). I recall some pickup writer back in the day (à la Roosh) observed that relatively lower out of 10 women will encourage higher status women to deform themselves to look less attractive, especially complimenting their extreme hairstyles. Malicious beta females absolutely encourage attractive prospects to degrade their beauty, out of spite and/or the desire to look relatively more attractive to men, by recommending they get facial piercings, shave their heads, dye their hair unnatural colors, and, I assume, do tattoos. (I say “I assume” because I myself haven't observed this particular behavior with regards to tattoos, but I certainly have seen ugly women complimenting shaved, grotesquely dyed hairstyles on women that would otherwise be attractive prospects if they let their hair grow out long and natural-looking. Bizarre clothing is less of an issue because it can easily be removed.)

Women who perform these styles are signaling that they are un-tethered to their male relatives, and do not have a husband who controls their body. That means it's up for grabs to some extent. Tattoos are like the insignia of an army of sluts who are willing to have sex with the highest-status male that catches their attention at any given moment. So, all you have to do is be that male. It's mostly about getting her attention in the first place. If she is looking for some benis, she will at least give you the time of day. Your having to see those disfiguring tattoos and piercings is merely the price of access.

As I am still technically a humble noob, I must leave out political commentary. Suffice it to say, the US first lady (think Jacqueline Kennedy or Melania Trump, the elegant and feminine wife of the alpha chad) is traditionally a trophy wife without tattoos deforming her body, and the incumbent obviously lives up to that tradition. This thread topic is interesting because it lays right at the crux of the advent of feminism and pickup in contemporary western society. You could say that the tattoo itself is a symbol of a woman's control over her own body. The act of making a permanent imprint upon her skin is an attempt to assert personal sovereignty over it, an inherently feminist act.

But her inner instinct asserts itself too, and her self-doubts nag at her and tell her that she needs to look attractive for men. Thus, she feels shame for having disfigured herself. That's why she uses Tinder and bangs strange men: to soothe her wounded ego. The girls that listen to their inner voice, on the other hand, marry young with a provider male and pop out numerous offspring, will not have numerous tattoos, or if she does, they will be artistically and tastefully beautiful and compliment her femininity.

Although feminism has a deeper, more sinister connotation that I am not yet allowed to discuss on this platform, the good news for PUAs is that (for various reasons) feminism brings with it women who are easy to bang for superficial emotional reasons. Many feminist women use random sex to cope with their unwillingness to commit to a long-term relationship which will lead to children. Since feminism released women from the control of their male relatives and/or husband, there are now literally countless single young women roaming around at large in major metropolitan areas, all tatted up and sporting nose rings. You just need good enough logistics to get a bang.

This new era of female sexuality is inseparable from PUA, since pickup as it is used in the west is unimaginable in a country where women's bodies are, socially and legally speaking, men's property. Game in traditional societies must involve rigidly structured social customs, perhaps with a small number of alpha males holding a monopoly on many fertile young women, who are tightly controlled, versus here where women come and go as they please, giving men the opportunity to snag a woman's interest on the fly. This means that tattooed women in general have more notches, and are more willing to add notches than women without tattoos. In the west, a tattoo symbolizes that a woman has chosen to unleash her sexuality. She is less likely to be a mother because she has chosen her career and promiscuity over motherhood, and controls her own body and has access to the technology to enforce her decision.

Ironically, these women secretly want a masculine man to place his unsheathed manhood inside her and instruct her how to live. I confess that I do from time to time run game on certain of these feminist specimens, but I try not to white knight, because I know that inside her she feels the deep longing to prove to me that she is worthy of my attention, and doesn't want to hear me condoning her radical ideas. Since my benis prefers feminine women with non-disfigured bodies, she eventually discovers that I disapprove of her lifestyle and her style, but that she doesn't matter enough to me that I'll waste my energy remarking about it. She must subconsciously realize that if she gets my member erect, lets me bang, nothing more and nothing less, then she might keep enjoying access to my attention. She will be mentally and ideologically triggered, but her body will likely approve if she values the masculine confidence with which I own my preference. Her instinct wants for a red-pilled man to inseminate her.
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