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Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
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RE: Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
Was recently diagnosed with IBS. Basically shit 7-12 times only when at work. I'm pretty sure its nerves. I don't like my job or where I live, but don't have much motivation to look for others, or put in the effort to get good at my art (potential job). My energy has been low so that tends to effect motivation. I also have several injuries which make me not as mobile as before, so its like a perfect storm for low emotions.

I started mediating daily, counting to 300 to 500 which is based on my breathing. After an inhale and exhale its a count of one, which can be 2-3 seconds. Focusing on two things while mediating seems to slow the thoughts down a lot. I hope this leads to a more calm outlook but not sure how long that will take.

I looked for a local CBT therapists but found none, they all seem to specialize in multiple things. What should I look for in a cbt therapists? Besides being a guy and not look like he has too much estrogen. If they take my insurance is another thing too.

Any other things to reduce stress and perfectionism, that I can do anytime? A problem with cbt was for me it only seemed to help when I was writing, but I can't just write my problems down anytime. I often have problems come up where I have to deal with an angry patient or coworker and I have to deal with them. The only

On a positive note I have found a way to lose weight and am drinking a lot more water.

I can relate to this movie, without having a murderous gut monster.

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