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Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
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RE: Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
(02-08-2016 11:11 PM)kbell Wrote:  I had to edit a lot of posts in here since it gave away to much personal info, but I did have an interesting experience this week. I had a very bad depressive episode brought on by fapping most likely. Its still not fully gone but much better than before. I almost wanted to just stop doing anything, but I forced myself to walk a lot. I than watched a ton of netflix shows. A tough exercise, a ton of walking, mediation and a return of a attractive employee with nice ass , and my spirits seems to have lifted. I knew the state wouldn't last forever so didn't do anything stupid. I may always have these states, which is unfortunate, but they never last super long. Holding a grudge seems to hurt me more than others too, and feels good when released as well.

kbell, I think there is a CBT opportunity here. You should reflect on the implications of this sentence:

I had a very bad depressive episode brought on by fapping most likely.

You write it as if fapping just "brought on" the depressive episode in some natural way, like the moon causing the tides. Maybe you imagine there are some chemical or biological processes that cause the depression to be "brought on" by the aftermath of masturbation?

There are no such processes. Fapping and ejaculation, in themselves, are completely natural and benign occurrences, and there is nothing about them that would, in itself, bring on a depressive episode (no matter how much nonsense to that effect may be written by dudes on the web). Instead, the mechanism here is purely psychological: it is not the fapping that brings on the depressive state but how you feel about it. And as you should know from CBT, the intense feelings that you experience in such a context are really the results of certain thoughts and ideas you have.

So you should take this as an opportunity to reflect on the question: what are the thoughts and ideas you have that make you feel so bad after fapping that it brings about a depressive episode? Are these thoughts rational, or justified, or true? If not, why do you keep letting them affect you?

Men almost never use the principles of CBT when it comes to their sexuality, because the emotions involved are so hot that they shy away from any reflection about them. But that is a shame, because there is no other sphere in which men are prone to more wildly irrational, useless, and borderline insane thoughts and conceptions. Instead of shying away from these subjects, they should be examined under the inquiring light of CBT, because this is how some real significant progress can be made over time.

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