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Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
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RE: Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
You must learn to control your mind!

That might sound a little crazy but that is exactly what you need to do!

Control your thoughts.

(10-23-2013 10:07 AM)Kaii Wrote:  The problem is the thoughts of worthless, low self-esteem and lethargy are still there.

These are just thoughts. They have no power unless you believe in them. You know your brain is broken. Why do you trust it?

Are you worthless?

Of course not. You just think that you are. You just believe that you are.

You are not living in reality. You are living in your own depressed version of reality. You are literally living a lie.

(10-23-2013 10:04 AM)kbell Wrote:  Is it possible to reframe your own thoughts to be more cheerful? And how would you approach this.

Of course its possible.

There are many different ways to do this.

Most people use the methods that are popular in their culture. In America, this is therapy, anti-depressant pills, positive thinking and action, etc.

Other cultures have different techniques like family bonding, friendship, support groups, etc.

Other cultures use meditation, nature, spiritual exercises, etc.

Other cultures use plant medicines, torture, etc.

Every culture has its own way of dealing with depression.

You need to experiment with all these methods to find the ones that work for you!

Some will work better than others, some will naturally feel good to you, some will not agree with you.

What worked for me is this...

1) Read, learn, and educate myself about how the mind works. I read books about the brain. I read books about depression and happiness. This gave me a basic understanding of the problem and how it can be solved.

2) Cultivated strong and healthy relationships with friends and family. This is a big one. We all need support and brotherhood. Don't try to do this alone. Let your loved ones help you.

3) BE AGGRESSIVE! Fighting depression should be the most important thing in your life! Find the books, talk to the people, make the phone calls, do the research, go to therapy, travel, challenge yourself, etc, etc. You must work hard to battle your issue. The biggest factor is "how bad do you want it?!". BE AGGRESSIVE!

4) Try different therapists and different counseling styles. Some therapists suck and some are good. Find one that is a good match for you. Try new ones.

5) Experiment with meditation.

6) Experiment with psychoactive medicines. (mushrooms and ecstasy did a lot to help me)

7) Experiment with spiritual practices that help empower the mind. (studying buddhism helped me alot)

8) Live a healthy lifestyle. Have more fun. Get better sleep. Eat better. Exercise.

9) FACE YOUR FEARS! I explain how to do that here.

10) Fight. Nothing is more primal for a man. This is a great exercise to connect a man back to reality.

If you do these things aggressively, you will get results. If you do these things passively, you will not get results.

This is life and death. Treat it as such.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have specific questions..
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