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Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
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RE: Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
(10-26-2013 11:52 AM)iknowexactly Wrote:  Biology is real. People who say EVERYTHING is in your mind, and if you just VISUALIZE 10s and WEALTH it will simply happen are simply unrealistic.
If I'm 50 years old 5'4" and "visualize" and "believe" I'll be an NBA star, will it happen? Even most 8 year olds will know this is idiotic.

HOWEVER, CBT and changing your thoughts works as well, as well as optimism. ( Albert Ellis was the popularizer of RET leter he changed the name to REBT as he realized that actions " behavior" in the world were needed to change your mind and mood, and an ancient slave named Epictetus was probably the earliest forumulator of RET)

I don't think anyone advocates unrealistic thinking like your NBA example. In other words, I agree with you and anyone who would advocate such a thing would be nuts.

As far as REBT, I'm doing a book review on an other thread and reviewing his book very closely. Ellis does acknowledge that some depression and other disturbances seem to have a biological basis, and pharms might be required.

In doing the book review, I am looking at REBT again at 30,000 feet and seeing a few overarching themes:

1. Bad things do happen to us, and it is healthy to feel negative emotions (like regret or concern) UNLESS you exaggerate how bad things are, then you get exaggerated BAD EMOTIONS (like depression or anxiety). Regret and concern do not feel as bad as depression and anxiety, you cope better, and you can shake those emotions off quicker and move on with your life faster.

2. These EXAGGERATED emotions come from EXAGGERATED and unrealistic thoughts. Instead of thinking something is unfortunate, you think this event is HORRIBLE. When you think it's HORRIBLE, you will feel HORRIBLE and have a hard time functioning. When you think the event (say losing your job) is merely a bad break rather than horrible, you think it's pretty bad, so you are motivated to find a new job and not repeat past mistakes, but your emotions are not as red-hot as when you think that it is horrible and you can function better (and feel better).

3. A lot of long-term emotional pain and anxiety come from you self-downing yourself. Or as some people put it, having low self-esteem. With REBT, you learn that "self-esteem" is a societal construct; it isn't real. You stop rating your entire self and only rate your attributes. This really frees you and gives you peace of mind. You take more healthy risks, like approaching beautiful girls, because you no longer fear that if she rejects you, you will feel bad about yourself.

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