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Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
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RE: Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
I finished chapter 19. Chapter 20 is about drug interactions even more so than 19 was more abbreviated drug interactions. I will probably call it quits at that point. The chapter is 100 plus pages and very technical. However I think I might want to start up the journal again. I did it for 3 months and your supposed to do it for 2months. I want to start reading Ellis book which I have now. I think he does the journal a bit differently and has a different take on things.

As for how I'm doing I haven't really felt bad but not great either. I haven't really felt that hopeless and my thoughts are more controlled than previously. However I do often forget the postive things that happen. Something I will have address. The weather doesn't really do me favors when it shifts from super cold temps to spring weather in less than week.

I been focused on learning sales of eyeglasses as I do work in the field but not as a dedicated salesman yet. Whenever I have a goal, which is to learn something I can be like a pitbull with sticking to it. However the desire to learn does not last more than a few years. Not sure why that is yet. But the point is that whenever I have a goal it tends to remove the feeling of hopelessness I can get if I'm inactive. I also feel that sales will help more than just work but with people in general. I've always been a tad anti-social. Conversations with more than one person is overwhelming for me, due to the pace it can go. I don't always think that fast and I don't like to interject since it feels rude to me. Due to that I can easily get left out of the conversation which takes me out of the moment. With the sales practice it has been easier for me to talk up conversations with random people. And I have a sense if I will close or not as well which helps with wasting time.

I have gotten several pms about if you can do Feeling Good only and not need a therapist. I would say it would depend on the severity of the depression. There is quite a few members on the forum that think therapists are not worth it, however I don't think they have experienced clinical depression, mania, OCD or BPD. Therapist do help with those cases from what I have seen at doctors offices and friends. However I haven't had much experience with CBT doctors yet. Will have to look into it more when I have some free time.
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