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Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
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RE: Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
I have been reading the Mindfullness book which is a mediation book combined with cognitive therapy. So far its been helpful for helping with controlling responses to negative thoughts. You basically do a meditation a day (10-30 minutes) for 8 weeks. Although I plan on keeping with the program indefinitely. One of the meditations you would first do a breathing style mediation than go into one where you visualize negative problems. This is quite similar to Albert Ellis suggestion of visualizing the negative situations, but instead of disputing them you observe you physically reactions in the body to them. This has an affect of showing you that those pain are almost like like thoughts and they tend to dissipate after awhile. This has a calming affect on me. This can be done while awake as well, which helps to reduce some fear. My thoughts aren't always rational so a debate in my head doesn't always work at soothing my mind.

I believe Dusty might have more to say about this book. I'm on mediation 6 of the 8 in the book. Some of the mediation seem a little silly though. Focusing on awareness while doing half-ass stretches does make much sense. And the new one where you repeat this mantra about kindness to one self I don't quite get how it works yet.

Also it seems that If I tend to be overly critical of what someone else does, its often a projection of my than mental anguish on others. Is this what happens when posters rant about whatever on the forum?

I also plan on getting one of those sunbox jr. I think they might help with making me less groggy in the morning and more tired at night. The lighting is starting to get worse and my mood tends to get worse towards the winter. I also have been training new employees and that tends to stress me out as well.
09-10-2014 02:22 PM
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