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Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
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RE: Reframing your mind to battle depression and CBT
(10-17-2014 10:38 AM)kbell Wrote:  I was meditating today and I realized that I hold unto grudges from childhood. I also have blamed my parents for a lot of things where they tried their best to be good parents. They did their best, and I'm thankful for that, but don't quite truly believe it yet which is odd. Forgiving for the past will help others and myself, but I'm not totally sure how to do it. For instance If I decided to punch or hurt bullies from when I was younger today, I would hurt myself for keeping up a victim hood. The person now wouldn't remembered what they did, and I would get not rid of the pain that way. Their is also the possibility of being hurt as well, which would hurt psychically and mentally. However If I forgave them, I think I would be totally free of anguish.

Giovanny has talked about how forgiving his parents has been liberating and can probably offer good advice.

In addition to what Gio has to say, I would saturate your brain with rational thinking about this topic. Write things down every day. Carry it around in your pocket and read it during the day.

Things like:

"It's unfortunate that I was treated unfairly in my past. But I can't change the past. I can have some influence on the present and future however. I'm determined to not ruminate in the past I can't change and focus on the future which I can influence. It won't be easy but I want to forgive the people from the past who treated me poorly, and do my best to put that behind me. Then focus my energies on developing skills and experiences that will make my current and future life better."

Take care of those titties for me.
10-17-2014 11:08 AM
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