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Keeping your opinions to yourself in social situations
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RE: Keeping your opinions to yourself in social situations
To be honest, I have gotten to the point where I say what I want and really don't care what people think of me (except at work where I could potentially lose my job).

That being said, it is impossible to talk sense to fools about politics (e.g. republicans and democrats). 48% of the population will vote for anyone with a D after his name and the other 48% will vote for anyone with an R after his name. Would not matter if Hitler or Stalin were running for office. The liberals would all vote for Stalin because "well he is better than that Fascist Hitler" and all the republicans would vote for Hitler "because he is better than that commie Stalin." These pathetic people are trapped in the artificial construct of the left/right paradigm.

About 4% of the population is independent and open to genuine debate. Those people are fun to talk to. The rest are zombie like drones who routinely disregard facts, logic, and reason to keep with their ideology. Don't engage them. It is a useless endeavor.

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