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Men who "propose" to their wives are invariably betas who get divorce raped
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RE: Men who "propose" to their wives are invariably betas who get divorce raped
This is completely fucked up. Even worse some UK asians (my bro in law, brother too I think) actually do the following.

Marriage in the South Asian community is quite serious and family oriented, so not conducive to the typical "on your knees soldier" proposal bullshit. But not to be outdone by their non-desi counterparts, these guys have gone up a level.

So these guys figure out they wanna get married. Either they were 'introduced' by matrimonial community networks or met some other way. Next the parents are notified at which point they take over. Relatives of both familes would be notified and everyone would be round to congratulate you. Familiea get to know each other and make plans for the wedding in a years time. A few months later, my sister and future BIL go out for.....


Thats right boys...6 months after agreeing to get married, and even after getting engaged, they PLAN a fucking proposal. Go to a nice dinner, BIL gets on a knee, tells my sister how he loves her so, how she has changed his life and if she would marry him. Well, what the fuck does he think has been going on the last 6 months.

I find out about this as my sister casually mentions to my other sister at home "we had our PROPOSAL today." I was like "Whaaat? But you guys had an arranged marriage"

But it seems to all the rage now with blue pill south asian englanders. My brother be like "Yo, you wanna come out for dinner with us, Im gonna propose tonight". Im all "Yo, you already engaged bro".

At my cousins engagement he's getting ready to put the ring on her finger as about 10 girls in the back start shouting "ON ONE KNEE, ON ONE KNEE" and I thought if that were me those girls are getting thrown out that very moment, infront of a hundred guests. No one asks the King to get on one knee, certainly not on his engagement party.
05-03-2016 10:08 PM
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