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Men who "propose" to their wives are invariably betas who get divorce raped
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RE: Men who "propose" to their wives are invariably betas who get divorce raped
My opinion is that marriage is sacred for the purpose of raising children. There is no other reason to get married other then to raise children.

Even in older religious older times it was even acceptable to divorce if your partner was infertile, because a fruitless union is useless.

The stupidest thing that happened was that marriage became associated with "love" (read lust) and people started to get married for love even without plans to raise children.

So in my opinion a man should only marry if:

1)He wants children with this current woman, he is convinced she would be a good wife and a good mother. In this case he should not offer marriage but should offer her to conceive a child together. The woman should feel honored, because that is the greatest honor a woman can receive from a man - to be asked to be mother for his children. Then it is the ball in woman's court to ask is marriage is included in this deal and the man should answer yes because he wants his children to know that his parents have sworn to be faithful to each other and feel the stability of his parents love.

2)His woman already is carrying his child and he wants to raise that child believing she would make a decent mother.

In both cases:

No kneeling - a woman must feel honored for being chosen as mother of man's children and not feel as being a special snowflake for merely having a vagina.

No engagement ring - the pregnancy is your sign of engagement. A ring should feel as something totally insignificant compared to a living baby to a loving woman. You could buy an engagement ring if your woman was virgin before you, has never had other men, but it is not really necessary.

A simple, cheap and not flashy ceremony - spare that money for your your family house, your family car, your family business and other practical needs. A practical woman who wants to spend a lifetime with you will appreciate investing money in long term projects rather then blowing a large sum in one day. If a woman insists on expensive wedding that means she is more interested in the short term attention whoring rather then lifelong dedication and it should be a major red flag.

The simpler the wedding the stronger the marriage.

A marriage where the partners don't want children yet or at all is stupid. Only marry if you want children ASAP.
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05-03-2016 11:59 PM
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