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Men who "propose" to their wives are invariably betas who get divorce raped
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Men who "propose" to their wives are invariably betas who get divorce raped
If there was just one thing that I could persuade young men to STOP DOING it would be: stop getting down on your knee to propose to a woman.

Well, really, don't get married at all for the most part. But if you MUST consider getting married, then a sure sign of failure is that you feel the need to bend your knee to propose.

Proposing this way is not only wimpy but is completely artificial...only became common in past 50 years. It's a stupid, destructive concept that we need to stop right now. Like, you are begging the woman to allow you to give her all your money? Get a grip guys. She should be begging YOU.

Every single friend who proposed this way got screwed by his wife. Without exception. The guys who survived marriage intact, were the guys who didn't make a big fuss.

Here's how I proposed to my wife. We were driving down the street. At one point I pulled over and said "We should get married". She said "Yes of course...any time, any way you want." She made it clear that she understood that I was offering her something infinitely valuable and rare, and she'd work like hell to be worthy of it. Then we went to a dive bar and got hammered and fucked all weekend.

That made it clear to me that I had picked a reasonable woman. Every solid couple I know, happened the same way. No fuss. The man would never get down on one knee and present some fucking ring.
12-21-2013 01:13 PM
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