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The Fantasy of the Cat Lady Destroyed
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RE: The Fantasy of the Cat Lady Destroyed
Check the youtube comments for some superb roided up hamsters:

Quote:So basically a dog is like a baby and a cat is like an adult. What of it. 
This is why I love cats. There's not much work to be done with them even if I dont feed her my cat Tiny will go hunting and will bring back food to last her for days

Quote:Fake study. They distract the cat with a prey toy. They know cats have strong natural hunting instinct of small moving objects so of course they are focused on the moving prey toy. Take away the toy and the cat will calm down and go back to the owner. All loving cat owners know this.

This study is rigged to distract the cat.

It's like when ur dog is humping, do u think he will go to his owner while the dog is humping? NO.

Quote:20 cats? That's not representative at all. It seems like the researcher wanted to confirm his ideas rather than be surprised. Cats are different, they are more like an adult than a child, their behavior is entirely different than babies and dogs, and cannot be understood if analyzed within a wrong frame. Also, it was not even performed equally for proper comparison: the stranger did not stop distracting the cat when the owner came back like she did with the dog.

01-19-2014 03:01 PM
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