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The Fantasy of the Cat Lady Destroyed
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RE: The Fantasy of the Cat Lady Destroyed
(01-19-2014 02:54 PM)Suits Wrote:  I love dogs for this reason. Some people call them stupid, because of their attachment, but their IQs have been demonstrated to be twice that of cats. Dogs, unlike modern women, understand the value of contributing to a community.

Suits is correct on the relative intelligence of dogs and cats:

Quote:In the late 1970's the psychologist Harry J. Jerison developed an alternative measure that he called the Encephalization Quotient or EQ. It is a mathematically sophisticated comparison of the actual brain weight of an animal compared to the expected brain mass for that animal's body size. This compensates for the fact that bigger animals tend to have bigger brains and basically shifts the question to one of whether the animal has a larger or smaller brain size than what we would expect for an animal with its body mass.

Based on the encephalization quotient, the brightest animals on the planet are humans, followed great apes, porpoises, and elephants. The dog is close behind elephants in its EQ. Descending down the list we find cats lower than dogs, followed by horses, sheep, mice, rats and rabbits. As a general rule, animals that hunt for a living (like canines) are smarter than strict vegetarians (you don't need much intelligence to outsmart a leaf of lettuce).


However a real surprise occurs in some recent data provided by Suzanne Shultz and Robin Dunbar at Oxford University. They wondered about whether there had been evolutionary changes in the Encephalization Index. For example, when we domesticate animals, especially a companion animal like a dog, we are placing new demands upon it. Some of these demands are social in nature, such as understanding human communication gestures and words. Dogs are subjected to more of this pressure than are cats. Thus it might be expected that dogs would show a greater rise in their EQ than cats. This was verified by the Oxford researchers using 511 different samples ranging from extinct species only available as fossils, up through current living examples. Thus it appears that based on their EQ dogs are becoming progressively more intelligent over time while cats have remained at much the same level of mental ability that they had when we first domesticated them. This means that not only are dogs smarter than cats, but the gap between the species is increasing over time.
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