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The Fantasy of the Cat Lady Destroyed
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RE: The Fantasy of the Cat Lady Destroyed
(01-19-2014 08:46 PM)Parlay44 Wrote:  I fucking hate my friend's dogs always jumping and drooling on me.

One of his Rottweilers nipped at my ankles one time and ripped a hole in my $200 pants. Fucker.

Rottweilers are dogs from hell. I almost died when two of them got loose in my neighbourhood and went looking for trouble, back before I was a teenager.

I still get very uncomfortable around these useless brutes. For every story about them being sweet family dogs, there is a story about one who was a perfectly sweet family dog until when day it freaked out and mauled a small child. These dogs were and are bred to be horrible creatures and should never be around anyone under the age of 16.

(01-19-2014 11:03 PM)Cunnilinguist Wrote:  I agree that American catwomen tend to be off-putting, but it seems that this is a localized phenomenon (Western). EE girls, particularly Russian, tend to love cats and in Russia virtually every household has one. My ex was Russian, 8/10, feminine as fuck, and guess what: cat lover. We had 2. I dont know, I guess cats have a bad rep in the West for some reason. I see a lot of dog worshipping here.

The official number of cats for crazy-cat lady status is three.
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01-19-2014 11:59 PM
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