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Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
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RE: Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
(10-01-2016 06:14 PM)iron93 Wrote:  Find out what your passions are and build a community, brand or ecommenrce around it.

Wow way to bump a 2 year old thread with some one-liner like "follow your passion".

Normally I would just ignore this, but it really is BAD advice, and here is why:

People who follow their passion, usually end up broke and back working for the man, and on top of that they are burnt out and maybe have ruined a hobby or interest that they used to be passionate about. Passion is a lousy thing to follow, how do you know if your passion is profitable or not?

Afterall, building a business is ultimately about making money. If your business doesn't make money, its not a business but a tax write-off.

Following your passion is a very emotional kind of thing. Passions change just like emotions, they come and go, etc. Now some people have created successful business in a field in which they are very passionate. But correlation is not equal to causation.

To really get started in business, start small. Don't do anything that requires VC or angel funding. Just do something you can hack yourself, with Credit card or friends / family money.

Research a lot, but start doing something (anything!). Make a minimum viable product / prototype and get ready to pivot and change once you get a few customers. Can't get any customers, change it up and work it more or go to a different niche or business model.

Eventually, you will find a niche that can make money. It may take quite a few tries but in each one, you will learn something new and hopefully grow. Or maybe you will give up and go back to that cushy job with all those nice benefits.

Be passionate about making money and making your business work. Passion should not be the main factor on WHICH kind business to start though.
10-01-2016 10:58 PM
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