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Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
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RE: Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
I think it is *very* difficult to make real money by running your own business. I say this as someone who has in many respects achieved what many here seem to see as the ideal. It has been an incredibly hard process - relentlessly stressful, frustrating, and disappointing. It's worth it, if you make it, no doubt. But no, it is not easier than people imagine - if anything it is probably substantially harder. The sacrifice required is significant. Many people would be unwilling, and unable, to manage the sacrifices to lifestyle and material possessions that are required - often for many years.

It requires a singular focus to make real money (anything over 7 figures) - again, something many people fundamentally lack. Of course, once you make it to that point it becomes much easier to see how you go from being moderately successful to astronomically successful.

Slight deviation: If you have a good idea, and a-fuck-of-a-lot of grit, then over time you probably will make it - people will want to help you be a success. The '80% of startups fail' thing gets thrown about a lot, but the fact of the matter is that 80% of startups have really shitty ideas. About half the rest get unlucky with timing/circumstances and fail despite having a good idea. My impression is that a significant proportion of startups that actually have a good idea are successful.
10-12-2016 06:16 AM
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