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Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
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RE: Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
Some of you are way over hamstering starting your own successful Business.
Treat Entrepreneurship like any endeavor you plan to succeed at.

1) Baby Steps
2) Walking
3) Power Walking
4) Jogging
5) Running
6) Sprinting

Welcome to Hustler School Son.

Baby Steps = Starting a Simple Tried and True Business that WILL Succeed: AKA Start Scrap Metal Recycling Right Now.
Inventory is FREE, go on Craigslist and check the "Free" section for anything that Scrap Yards will take.
Check the "Gigs" section for people that need Scrap Metal picked up.
Take this Scrap Metal to the Scrap Yard and Profit.

Walking = Learning Basic Lead Generation and Cold Calling Skills: Start Calling Family, Friends, Neighbors, Automotive Shops and Construction Companies.
These people will have FREE Scrap Metal for you to Profit from.

Power Walking = Now that you have started to build a good list of Contacts from Networking, it is time to CHARGE for your Services:
By this point you will have people calling you to pick up their unwanted Scrap Metal.
Let them know you are so Swamped and in High Demand that there is a Flat Pick-Up Fee of $10.00.
Now you are making $10.00 per Pick-Up and Scrap Yards are paying you for the Inventory you got for FREE.

Jogging = Your First Part-Time Employee:
Hire someone you know and trust, preferably a very young Family Member that looks up to you, so you can alpha boss them around without repercussion.
Pay him minimum wage, 20 hours per week, no benefits.
Have this person handle all the Labor and you focus 100% on Administration.

Running = Your First Full-Time and Part-Time Employee:
Promote the previous Family Member to 40 Hour Per Week Administrator with Benefits and get another trusted Family Member to be the new 20 hour per week Grunt Laborer.
This is now a Passive Income Business for you.

Sprinting = Starting your 2nd Successful Business, Landscape Maintenance.
Repeat all the above Steps, however replace "Family Member" with "Mexican" and replace "Minimum Wage" with "Under the Table Pay"

/End Hustler School
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10-13-2016 09:09 AM
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