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Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
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RE: Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
I'll give you a very brief, and black and white version of it. There are basically two ways to make money in business.

1. You can make money the dishonest way through force and/or deception, which is called 'political entrepreneurship'. Monopoly privilege is a prime example of the government limiting competition in certain industries through threats of force. Involuntary taxation, no bid contracts, theft, extortion, and most wars are all examples of political entrepreneurship as well.

2. Then there is the honest way, which is through willing participants conducting mutual exchanges of value for goods or services. In business you can sell products, services, or both. Honest business is about solving peoples problems. If you get good at doing that, then you will find success.

It is my opinion that you are doing yourself a disservice by not owning a blog Cardguy. It's a very simple and cheap business to start. A domain name and hosting are the only things you need, with the domain costing at most £10 per year and hosting £5 per month. Install a free Wordpress theme that you like and start posting.

You have a very good reputation on this forum and a link to a blog in your signature would mean instant traffic from some of the thousands of readers who frequent this place. Expand your presence in social media, get it indexed in the search engines and with a little SEO, you're in business.

Content curation and creation along the same lines as you post here would be perfect for a blog. Encourage your audience to get involved in the comments section. Set up Google AdSense, and post some affiliate links to books on Amazon that you review and watch money start trickling in immediately.

I know people who write about much less interesting shit than what you post about who bring in over £3,000 per month. The sky is the limit with interesting blogs. If you work your ass off you may become as profitable as a site like Viral Nova($400,000+ per month), and worst case scenario you may put a couple hundred extra quid in your pocket per month.

Starting and even succeeding in business is not that hard. Just take action and learn while you're building, and don't be afraid to fail. I have many more misses than hits, and although I doubt I'll ever even those numbers out(not that even I care to), the disparity between them is shrinking as I keep learning and developing an intuition for entrepreneurship. Someone said a quote that has stuck with me. "Perfection is the enemy of progress". Don't wait until the time is just right, because it'll never be just right.
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