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Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
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RE: Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
Don't listen to the Tim Ferriss hippies that pervade a lot of the internet.

It's difficult.

That's not to say it's impossible, and it's always worth going for. But there are hurdles that you just won't foresee, clients/customers that are complete pains in the asses, the fact that in general everyone wants something for nothing. I've found the most difficult thing is the social one though - a lot of people will socially make your life difficult. "Why don't you get a real job?" "What makes you think you can run a business?" "Yeah, I've got a great idea but you can't just do these things"

You get all that sort of shit. Also, you get suppliers and bigger companies taking liberties with their schedules of payment. You get that one customer who needs help at 11.30 on a Sunday night, who after you do the job because you want to get to bed says THEY AREN'T PAYING. I'm not even talking about small business here, people take liberties at every single level.

Added to that, we're in a climate that is really anti-business. Sign this form, sign that form.. if you take on an employee, pay as much to the state as you do to the employee in employment tax. Oh, and if you have the nerve to actually make a profit, you're the devil. you should definitely give all your money to disadvantaged people and children in war torn countries.

But to go to the positives. A common comment is "If it were that easy, everyone would do it." And so all the negatives become positives once you've overcome them. The steeper the learning curve, the more you have to deal with, the less competition you'll have. There's also satisfaction you can't get from a job, like the fact that if you work late, the end result is that you make more money as opposed to someone else. There's control and responsibility and ultimately massive benefits to going your own way.

It isn't easy though.
05-19-2014 03:04 AM
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