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Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
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RE: Is making money in business easier than people imagine?
Its strange in some ways its harder than I ever expected and in ohter ways its easier than I would have ever thought.

Even with an established business problems arise but really the beginning is the hardest. I'm going to be touching on this fromthe perspective of ecommerce but really teh same for all industires in the grand scheme of things.

When first starting out you need to come up with an idea. Then just setting up a website okay what's my checkout process going to look like, looking for suppliers as well as merchant accounts, payment gateways, etc. Even working with a good design company there's a million small problems and issues which will arise which you can't plan for.

I think the beginning is one of the toughest part though there will always be challenges. Now that my business is established and making money though there's still problems and issues galore which always pop up and I hae to take care of I'm surprised at how much money I can make with such little time. HOnestly I make in a month some months what I make in a year at my day job.

I still have a day job in addition to my business. I definately work my ass off even at my day job and afterwork but I'm pretty amazed myself and my partner cna run a businss the size of ours parttime so in that sense I'm surprised how easy it is to make money.

Some people work on failed attempt after failed attempt before finding success while other people fall into it. I've had a number of businesses, I had a lawncare business, I've had sports handicapping websites and call lines, I've made beanbag toss games. I've had a number of businesss, many complete failures while others made some beer moeny but nothing big. This current business of mine is kinda something I just fell into and took off. My attitude is that nothing comes easy though, I "fell into" my current opportunity always because I'm always looking for a hustle and ways to make money. If you have this mindest your prepared when an opportunity presents itself.
05-19-2014 12:34 PM
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