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Value of an MBA
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RE: Value of an MBA
You do an MBA for three things:

1) Networking
2) Credibility
3) Education (and is the weakest of the 3)

Honestly, if your MBA is not from a top 10-15 world school than I would be hesitant to recommend it. That said there are very strong benefits to a top MBA.

Let me tell you about what's its been like 4 years after my grad/business school from two top 10-15 schools. After I graduated undergrad I did some legal clerking for an attorney but it was a dead end gig. I tried to get a real job and couldn't even get a sales role at a shitty transport company. The economy then went to hell. And left the country to do my grad/business school in Europe, which is a bit more grad schooly.

After my degree(s), I got into a top internet company and worked there for a bit. I later moved on to being a consultant. I then returned to the states and worked for another F500 company. And now I've started up my consulting firm. Even after working for a lot of well known companies, people still look at my education. People know getting jobs are not always based on merit so a top school adds a lot of credibility. The value of a good MBA is not for internal promotion because everyone knows how good you are. An MBA is about convincing people who don't know that you are good. I can tell you I dont have to work nearly as hard to convince people i know what im doing when i just flash my resume. Id be the first to admit that your resume doesnt mean you'll do a good job and i have hired an amazing programmer who worked at a sandwich shop but most people look at brand names.

The other part is network. Most of my team ive hired and earlier client leads have either come from places I worked at, people who went to the same school as me, or referred from those two groups. It also makes it easier to pitch a client when you have a school better than or the same as them since you can talk shop or BS. Sometimes they might even get a bit starstruck. Im still the same dumbass I was for the most part but now people for some reason listen to me more. Further, you learn a lot about yourself being in a team all the time and hanging out with others. This is probably the most enjoyable part of business school. The real sense of comradery.

The last part is education. And as I said its the weakest. When you get out of business school, your MBA is pretty fucking worthless unless you maybe start a company. Why? Because its too broad. You know a bit of everything but nothing of substance which is why i went for a second masters in statistics (1 year masters in europe). You absolutely need to get some specialization for your first real job. However, what will happen over time is that because most people hate theory, big picture, and cross discipline thinking, you will start to out compete them as you gain experience. At first, it will be a slight lead for a task, but over time, it gets pretty massive of a lead. when I started out I was using pretty much only my stats degree. At this point in my own company, I probably use 1/3rd my statistics degree, 1/3rd work experience, and 1/3rd my management degree and will probably increase on the management stuff. Ive starting writing a business plan for the first time in like 3 years. I had to dig out my notes to remember what i used to do to analyze and forecast with.

That said there are many good business education materials online for free. But one thing that people doesnt always consider is that even if MBA doesnt necessarily make complete dollars sense, you can take a break from the workforce and no one will penalize you. Think of it as going back to college but knowing how to really take advantage of college. Its a nice two year break that may at worse be a little less than break even and at best catapult your career. I work from home now, and goddamn all that time and money I paid is worth it for the ability to wake up mid day and bring in some decent cash.
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