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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
I'd like to volunteer this for an intro. If you want to use it let me know and I can get the sources together.

The manosphere is a collection of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to romantic, political, social, physical, and economic issues concerning men. Male self-improvement is another major theme that emerges in much of the manosphere’s literature. Many manosphere websites and blogs are run by men, though not all are. The manosphere is diverse, with writers coming from various age, racial, national and geographic backgrounds. The manosphere can be divided into many different groupings, with Mens Rights Activists, Pick Up Artists, and Men Going Their Own Way being the primary groupings. Though there can be overlap with these groups—for example, MRAs like Obsidian of the website Just Four Guys also practices the “Game” of Pick Up Artists—this overlap cannot be taken for granted, as, for another example, the PUA/self-improvement site Return of Kings has published multiple articles criticizing the MRA movement. The MRA site A Voice for Men does not publish articles on Game. Vox Popoli, who runs a popular game site, is uninterested in the fate of men who are outside his particular sphere of interests. Some MGTOW practice Game, others do not and look down upon the PUA scene. Etc. This nuance is often a point of confusion for critics of the manosphere, who tend to group all manosphere sites under the label of MRA, which is inaccurate and misleading.
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