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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
(05-30-2014 10:06 AM)Zep Wrote:  I'm wondering about Aboschs' idea ( from the ER thread )not taking girls seriously and the introduction of cat meme's etc. Maybe not on wiki, but a site specifically for ridiculing feminists, one that can be pointed to via wiki under some silly pretense. i.e. the site could be called #NoALLMen (or something ), I would laff hard. Make it soo entertaining that men and women couldn't pry their eyes off of it.

I'm more advocating social circle game or direct response in conversations. When crap comes up in your social circle, you lightly-mock it and show you're not taking it seriously and it won't change your outlook whatsoever. Tone is key. Get too angry or nasty, and you look like your feathers are ruffled. If you follow manosphere advice to improve yourself, you should naturally have the 'winners' vibe that makes this work. Women AND men will see you as a leader, and you can then start dictating thought.

It's the old Greenpeace idea - you can't change the world but you can change your part of it. Think Global, Act Local. Sounds hippie, but there's logic in it.

Think of how one 'cool' peer group dominates the school. People largely don't grow out of this mindset. You just have to have the lifestyle and personality to be perceived as a 'winner' and you can get away with murder, and the weaker minds will follow suit, because they want to be you.

Due to my involvement in acting and music, I've got many hopelessly-beta and politically-correct facebook contacts that I'm obliged to have on my list, and I've been slowly-and-carefully deprogramming them through humour, simply because I was sick of them filling up my facebook feed with tedious crap each day, and I was curious to see if I could do it. Hey, other people play Candy Crush.

So when a guy (!) links to a stupid Feminism article about the unrealistic body pressure Male-centric Hollywood puts on actresses, I make fun of it:

"Tell me about it. I've worked my arse off putting on 15 kgs of muscle to deliver a monologue in my underwear just because [female producer] is a dirty girl and wants to get a cheap thrill exploiting the talent."

See how it ridicules the notion that only women are objectified and exploited, without me sounding knee-jerk defensive by pointing out equivalency? (Women don't care and never will care if they do the same thing they're criticising men of doing). All I'm doing is delegitimising the original article by making people see me socially-validated, (likes, lols and comments), for not taking it seriously, subtly-reinforcing they shouldn't either if they want similar social-validation.

I got one glasses-wearing herb to stop posting Jezebel articles he agrees with because he now knows better.

Then one of these PC guys wrote this morning: "Are they going to have to build a bunch of extra prisons if Emotionally-Neglecting special-snowflakes is criminalised?" Not particularly-funny, but I still laughed because I know I'm seeing the results of months of social cues through humour I've given him. He *thinks* that was his original thought, when all it is what I've programmed in him: the way 'cool kids' think.

I tell you, after the collapse, I'm going to grow a Mohawk and be Mayor of Bartertown.
05-30-2014 11:47 PM
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