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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
(05-31-2014 12:44 AM)cooledcannon Wrote:  On one hand, this is really useful and is going to help people a lot.

But on the other i cant help thinking that it is an uphill battle. Personally, I became redpill by researching online and I am rational and open minded about the stuff I read. I cant help thinking I would only try to help people who already are/want to be redpill be even more redpill, but bluepills are a lost cause.

Act local. You're not fighting the whole world, you're subtly-influencing your immediate circle. And you don't do it by sermonising and thinking you have all the answers and trying to 'educate' everyone, which is what some guys do when they take the red pill: they start evangelising, and everyone hates a god-botherer.

You're just be a cocky, confident guy who is fun to be around, going places in life, makes things happen, and doesn't take anything too seriously. Girls are drawn to this vibe in a guy. If you start lecturing and getting angry, you're just as miserable as the feminists you're pushing against, and no-one wants to hang around with them either.

It mightn't seem effective in isolation but you have to imagine more guys doing this. Popular social ideas spread through people. And we talk about feminism and transsexuals and gay agendas etc but I think the reality of the matter is, most people nowadays are comfortable, so are very 'live and let live' and don't give enough of a shit about the issues at hand to oppose them one way or another, because these issues don't really impact their lives directly.

Also, with the Beta types, they have no social skills, and, most of the time, they truly don't believe what they're saying, they're just faking being 'nice guys' thinking it will make them popular and attractive. If you start dropping Truth Bombs in a funny way, without being reprimanded - especially by girls - they start taking baby steps with their real opinions.

Back to Zep's original point:

Quote:I'm wondering about Aboschs' idea ( from the ER thread )not taking girls seriously and the introduction of cat meme's etc. Maybe not on wiki, but a site specifically for ridiculing feminists, one that can be pointed to via wiki under some silly pretense. i.e. the site could be called #NoALLMen (or something ), I would laff hard. Make it soo entertaining that men and women couldn't pry their eyes off of it.

Back to this: it's a waste of time for a man. Lift weights, acquire currency, game girls, read history, learn something, write for ROK. Feminists are their own worst advertisement for their lifestyle. Mock them if they enter your world, but your focus should be on you and your mission.

Quote:Emotionally-Neglecting special-snowflakes? I cant parse the grammar(probably my fault), can you explain? I really want to understand the joke.

It's wasn't funny. He linked to Scout Willis taking a topless walk to protest Instagram. He was trying to be me and failing.
05-31-2014 02:28 AM
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