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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
My own two cents on putting together a decent Wikipedia article, for what it's worth, would be these:

1. Fewer cooks in the kitchen are better. At the initial writing stage, the article needs to be the product of one pen, rather than a mishmash of contributions from a dozen pens. One or two should write, and others can comment or edit.

Too many theologians in the mix will result in endless bickering about who and what should be included. Pride is the enemy of precision. The Catholic Church's Council of Trent took nearly 20 years of meetings (1545-1563) before it could hammer out a coherent statement of Church doctrine in response to the Reformation. We don't want to go down the same road.

In contrast, when the founding fathers wanted to draft a "Declaration of Independence" from England, they cast the whole project in the lap of one man--Thomas Jefferson--because he was known to be a great writer who could pull it off.

2. I don't think a "Criticism" section is necessary or desirable. We already have too many critics, and there is no need to provide them with a watering hole. Including a section like this lends support to the idea that the manosphere is somehow dodgy or controversial.

3. Hit the major themes, the major sites, the major events, and move on. It is not possible to cover everything, and we should be striving for a digestible, coherent narrative. Remember that, no matter what the final product looks like, someone with a website or a book is going to feel slighted for not being mentioned or included. This is inevitable, and should not be taken personally.

4. Negative, derogatory, or controversial information should only be included where necessary to enhance a reader's understanding of the manosphere. Remember, these articles are designed for the consumption of people who know nothing about the topic.

5. Gratuitous inclusion of jargon, in-house controversies, spats, beefs, and other such club-house information should be avoided. Remember the audience. We don't want to clutter the article with useless minutiae, which only detracts from the message.

6. Citations, citations, citations. If you can't back it up, don't say it.

7. Be very clear about what terms mean what. For example, Tuthmosis made the very good suggestion that "commercial pickup artists" need to be very clearly distinguished from average guys like us who just want to improve ourselves.

8. The article should be the product of one or two hands. This will promote unity of writing style, coherence, and clarity. Others can then revise, comment, or offer helpful suggestions.

9. There should be in place a periodic review of the article every 6 months or so, to make sure it stays current with the changing tides.


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05-31-2014 08:17 PM
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