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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
(06-02-2014 03:51 PM)Tuthmosis Wrote:  Let's be careful not to overstate the importance of Roissy. I see him as a relatively short-lived and limited contributor to the Manosphere who became obsolete--by choice, it seems--several years ago. While he arguably deserves mention, and made important statements during his two or three years of relevance, he isn't a face on the Mount Rushmore of the Manosphere. The Manosphere certainly didn't "spring up around him."

I'll briefly come out of lurk mode to address that.

Roissy is the Aristotle of the manosphere. His site is the bedrock of what people consider common knowledge and many neologisms can be traced directly back to him.

He started talking about the dark triad. "Spin, hamster, spin!" The rationalization hampster.

There are several more that I'm forgetting.

Tyler Cowen linked to Roissy back in 2008.

That was the first introduction many of us had to game:

In terms of the "manosphere," although I am distanced from it now, my writing goes back many years and was around when it sprang up.

Roissy and Roosh are the two original guys.

Then it's guys like Dalrock, Matt Forney, etc.

Everyone else is a tier down from there.

Without Roissy there is no manosphere.

It's great that there is young blood, but Roissy's influence simply cannot be overstated.

I would not exist if it weren't for Roissy.

In fact, his influence is so profound that like most innovators, he has been forgotten as his ideas seeped into the collective consciousness.
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