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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
Roissy is the intellectual linchpin of the Manosphere. He is the original synthesis of Game, Conservatism, Biology, and Masculine Renaissance.

I remember feeling a lot of cognitive dissonance when I was young. Hookup culture was working out well for me but, I couldn't shake the belief that the modern sexual marketplace was a symptom of a civilization coming apart at the seams.

Roissy superceded the naive sex-positive optimism of the early seduction community. He taught us to make peace with the realities of game in a decaying world: Yes, the decline of monogamy was a disaster for western civilization. No, there's not really anything we can do about it. But, since we have to accept the world as it is and not as we would like it to be, we might as well embrace it. Roissy is the greatest leader of men in the 21st century so far, because he led us... poolside.

Roissy is also one of the best writers of our era, certainly one of the most eloquent and poetic of the Manosphere writers. Going against the grain, I would bet that the original Roissy is still around and writing at least some of the posts at the current CH blog. Most guys who complain that "Roissy isn't as good of a writer as he used to be!" just mean that they don't like the subjects he writes about or the opinions he expresses.

Think of it like this: If Tucker Max were anonymous, would anyone believe that his new site was the work of the same person who wrote some great stuff back in 2004-2006? I wouldn't. The gap between Roissy/CR/CH's peaks and valleys is far narrower.

It's also worth noting that while most bloggers take regular hiati, Roissy has been posting regularly for the better part of a decade. Every writer goes through prolific and less-inspired phases. Perhaps Roissy's "guest authors" were just Roissy while his muse was poolside.

If RSD bought the blog, I would expect to see some implementation of basic internet marketing 101, and some attempts at using the blog to push RSD products. Whoever is running CH could start earning serious money with a few affiliate links and a recommended reading page. The deliberate refusal to monetize the site is a strong indicator that it remains a vehicle for self-expression and information warfare, not profit.

Roissy was also incredibly influential because he was in the right place at the right time. Back in 2007-2009, the blogosphere was very different than it is today. It was much more open. Tyler Cowen's wink and nod 'link' to Roissy exposed him to a large and somewhat mainstream audience of smart people. That would never happen today, now that blogs have segmented into tight communities that rarely share ideas across ideological lines.

The true test of a philosopher's influence is his ability to change and elevate the discourse. Roissy elevated the naive and id-driven pickup artists by showing us how Game fits into a larger worldview. Roissy elevated paleoconservatism by showing old farts that pickup is not their enemy, it is the natural reaction of smart men to a hypergamous world. Roissy showed us that truth and beauty have a fighting chance against evil, even if the only victory possible is the possibility of eking out a bit of love and happiness in a fallen world.

There are other writers who have played major and irreplaceable roles in the Manosphere. Roissy and Roosh complement each other very well. Roissy is the poet in the shadows, Roosh is the warrior in the field leading the army, i.e. this forum, Return Of Kings, and a decade or raw and honest writing about his experiences in the trenches.

Beyond those two, MikeCF has done more than anyone to teach practical steps for self-development. Matt Forney has written some truly great essays, and I suspect his best work is still ahead of him. Rollo, Bill Price, Jack Donovan, and a dozen other men have made their own major impressions on the Red Pill community, and there are hundreds of small blogs, each of which has probably saved the lives of a few men.

But any fair history will reflect that the philosophical core of this community is Roissy. We all owe him a debt of gratitude, and it is ridiculous to deny the extent of his influence.

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06-03-2014 09:03 AM
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