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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
The state of mind involved in hypnosis is a very interesting one.

Let me see if I can explain some more what I am driving at.

My hearing is quite poor - so as a kid I was used to my mum being able to point something out which I couldn't quite hear (the phone ringing etc).

Anyway - when I was about 9 - on Christmas Eve - my Mum told me she could hear the bells ringing from Santa's sleigh.

I couldn't hear it at first - but pretty soon I convinced myself I could.

I did it because I had a belief in Santa - and it seemed natural to me that my Mum could hear something that I couldn't quite make out. And it seemed equally natural that if I really concentrated that I too would hear the bells ringing.

And at the time I was convinced I did hear the bells ringing. Although buried deep inside me was the realisation that I WANTED to hear those bells more than I could actually hear them.

At that level of belief - it becomes hard to be sure exactly what you believe in that split second.

But you have to understand - that at no point was I actually hearing something. Or even fully sure I could.

The same thing happens with a subject on stage during a hypnosis show.

First thing you forget is this.

The hypnotist on stage asks for volunteers from the crowd. Lets say the crowd is about 300 people (the more the better - you will see why).

Maybe 30 people come on stage.

Now - what has happened here. Well - quite a lot.

First of all this is a HYPNOSIS show. By definition - everyone in the audience has an interest in hypnosis. Some will be skeptical, some will be curious, some will be show-offs (dying to jump on stage) and others will already be strong believers in hypnosis.

You then ask for volunteers to come up on stage.

Straight away - you have reduced the crowd to the 30 people who are either the biggest show-offs or the biggest believers in hypnosis.

A few simple hypnosis tasks take place (imagine you are Elvis - imagine you have a bunch of kittens who you have to gather up etc)- and in any show - you will see the stage hypnosis send a lot of the subjects back to their seat.

The stage hypnotist is looking for good subjects. But by this he doesn't mean people susceptible to hypnosis. He is just looking for show-offs (there are always a few in any big crowd) as well those who totally by into the idea of hypnosis as 'real' phenomena.

Pretty soon - the 30 people on stage are whittled down to about 7 people.

And of those 7 people - one person will tend to be the 'star' of the show who does the most extreme things.

Through this sieving effect - a curious self selection takes place.

You see - when you are on a stage surrounded by 6 other people who seem to be totally hypnotised - it actually reassures you (if any doubts creep up on you) that you too must be hypnotised.

Often in a hypnosis show - each person on stage will develop doubts of some kind - but quickly silence them as they look around them and see perfectly ordinary people acting like maniacs.

But hear is the neat thing - the job of the stage hypnotist is not to "hypnotise" the people on stage. His job is to convince the people in the audience that the people on stage have being "hypnotised".

That sounds like the same thing - but it couldn't be more different.

When you see somebody on a stage dancing to a broom or trying to kiss a giant inflatable banana - it is only natural for the person in the audience to imagine they are completely brainwashed.

But it really isn't true - indeed - the great thing about hypnosis shows - is that the longer spectator is on stage and the more silly things they have done - the more they are 'blackmailed' into continuing until the very end.


What is more embarrassing? Making a fool of yourself for 40 minutes on stage - whilst under 'hypnosis' (which everybody in the audience believes is a real thing). Or suddenly - 20 minutes into the show - when you are in the middle of rendition of a Frank Sinatra song - sung in the style of Daffy Duck - to suddenly hold your hand up, apologise to the audience and admit that you are no longer hypnotised or never have being for most of the show?

Hypnosis is a delicious trick. It is literally the Keyser Soze of magic tricks. Since it works on so many levels. It is actually a very complex subject to entangle - since there are so many layers of belief, deception and social pressure involved.

And you could just be lazy, wave your hand and call thee whole thing hypnosis. But it really is not hypnosis in the sense that most people think of it. It is something quite ordinary and unremarkable - but structured in a way that people fall victim to their own beliefs, the situation they have signed up to on stage and the beliefs that those watching bring to the show.

I should add that James Randi agrees with what I say above. As does Derren Brown and as does one of the best hypnotists in the world who I have discussed this matter with. And he had discussions with the best hypnotists of the generation before him who also said the same thing. I can discuss this all day - the above just touches on what I want to say.

I find this an interesting subject - since I think it applies to areas involving love and religion as well. But I will just leave it at this - since I want to keep my analysis relatively short and clear.

Hypnosis is unique in magic. Since it is the only trick I know of where you are fooled before you even attend the show.
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