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Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
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RE: Wikipedia just published its article on the manosphere
(06-04-2014 04:51 PM)cardguy Wrote:  I was talking about using hypnosis to get pussy off women.

The use of hypnosis techniques over the long term to correct behavioural problems is a separate field all together - along the lines of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

In terms of using hypnosis to make a fool of somebody or to get them to do something they don't want to do then it is true to say it doesn't exist.

But you're not saying this, or rather you're saying several things in the same post.

Quote:It is essentially a magic trick - but a very subtle one. One that actually fools many professional hypnotists - funnily enough.

Instead of making you think I have made somebody disappear or levitated - I am selling you the illusion that I have 'hypnotised' somebody. When in fact no hypnosis has taken place. The trick takes place in the minds of those watching as opposed to those on stage.

You see people on a stage running around looking like idiots. There are various reasons why this takes place - but none of them involve hypnosis. Yet your mind interprets those actions to suggest that the spectators are completely brainwashed - when in fact they are not.

Which is why you can hypnotise somebody to do something which may be a little foolish - within the confines of a 'stage show'. But you can never hypnotise somebody to do something they would never wish to do in a million years - such as murder somebody, harm themselves or sleep with an unattractive member of the opposite sex.

In the first paragraph you wave away medical application as a different field and thus not relevant to what you said. Now you're using stage magic/hypnosis, yet another field, to try to prove your original point.

You're cherry picking.

Quote:The only way you can prove hypnosis is real is to get a hypnotised subject to do something that I would never do. If eating a lemon and running round naked (which is very rare in hypnosis shows) is all it takes - then name the date and I will be there.

You've changed the definition of what hypnosis is and you now put up criteria on how it is "proven".

Straw man.

Quote:Anyway - I am a world expert in the field of magic - so I have a fairly good understanding of how the mind is fooled and the number of different levels deception can work on. As well as an understanding of hypnosis itself. The key point about hypnosis is that it is impossible to be "ypnotised" unless you believe in hypnosis to begin with. It is a completely circular belief system. A bit like love by the way - but that is a separate issue.

If you actively disbelieve any kind of information you are presented you are not going to reap the benefit of it. This is not something unique to hypnosis.

Religious faith and comfort in prayer is a large part of the same mechanism. There's no trick to it, it's a testament to the power our mind (brain) has over our bodies.

Congratulations on being a good at magic. Hypnosis it is not.

I invite ANY repped (on game) member I meet in the future on the forum to ask me for a demonstration of hypnosis in person. It's nothing spectacular or time consuming.

Quote:And for the last time - I am not celibate. MGTOW does not equal celibate. My sex life is mostly based around hookers, lapdances and porn. I'm a dirty fucker.

Which part of that involves being celibate?

My mistake, doesn't change my exhortation though.
06-04-2014 05:48 PM
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