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Style Clothing and style for tropical weather.
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RE: Clothing and style for tropical weather.
If your tropical destination happens to be in West Africa, I have the following recommendations:

Wear shoes. Sandals are acceptable but flip-flops are a no-no. I know African women who flat out refuse to date men who wear flip-flops. Shoes are very important; should preferably be dress shoes of some sort, and it is also important to keep them polished at all times. Fortunately there are always shoeshine boys running around.

In general, don't dress like 90 percent of tourists - i. e., like a backpacking slob. Africans tend to dress up as much as possible whenever they can if they have any means at all, and they don't really understand why white people (assumed to be rich) dress so horribly. One girl related to me the story of a girlfriend who travelled to Europe for the first time and was astonished so see white people who dressed well. However, if you are white you still have the WGF going for you. If you are not white, stylish clothes are essential. It is also important to iron your clothes (or rather have someone do it for you).

Shorts are a big no-no for a grown man. People will not be offended, but they will find it ridiculous.

Accessories are important, especially your belt, watch, and of course phone. At this time very large phones are in vogue and you can expect to be mocked if you don't have it (admittedly, I never bother to follow phone fashion). Gold jewelry is strongly recommended if you are not white.

I know this doesn't really speak to staying comfortable in the tropics. Personally I usually wear jeans/chinos, moderately dressy shoes, and a nice long-sleeved shirt any time of day. I think this has helped me make a favorable impression. Wearing shoes, socks, pants, and long-sleeved shirts also offers protection against malaria and sunburn. I know a lot of people will think it sounds retarded to dress this way at the beach, for example, but trust me: Africans think the white people who get half-naked to bake in the sun are retarded (they go to the beach to drink and dance, not to swim and tan).

Wearing a suit is considered extremely prestigious and is probably a shortcut to pussy, but I personally can't stand wearing a jacket in the tropics. Every African university student dreams of working in a bank, and I swear half the appeal is that you get to wear a suit to work.

Finally, don't try to be shabby chic in Africa. This concept is not understood at all - being shabby simply means you are poor. If you are a black guy from the West you may try out a moderately thuggish look. This will, however, have a polarizing effect and repulse the majority of girls while appealing to a Westernized minority.
07-28-2016 03:01 PM
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