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"Eat when hungry"
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RE: "Eat when hungry"
(06-06-2014 03:05 PM)_DC_ Wrote:  I have a friend in really good shape and this was his advice for gaining muscle without becoming fat.

It seems a lot easier to buy a bunch of healthy protein-rich food and heed this advice rather than count calories. It makes sense since you're hungrier on a lifting day.

Anybody have success with this method? Obviously its harder than it sounds delineating true hunger from boredom or desire for food.

It's good advice, but I would take it a step further. Eat when you're hungry, but only eat until you're no longer hungry rather than until full.

That'll keep your metabolism fast. It'll help your digestion too.

I personally believe counting calories is misdirected effort. All calories are not created equal. What's more important is quality of calories. Eat healthy, organic, grassfed, unprocessed food with your veggies and fruit and your body will use the calories much differently than if you ate unhealthier versions of the above mentioned.

Amount of muscle as well as rate of metabolism are also key factors.
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