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Mother wants to expose her nakedness to sons so they can see a "real woman"
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RE: Mother wants to expose her nakedness to sons so they can see a "real woman"
(09-15-2014 04:16 AM)Beyond Borders Wrote:  I don't see anything wrong with this either. ...

If you grew up in a "normal" home, perhaps that seems strange enough as it is.

Not to me. I grew up in a home like hers. It's different, but it's also very human.

My mom was the hippy/biker type, and I saw her tits plenty of times growing up.

@Borders - what you describe is a rather charming free-spirit attitude that the Hippies had. They did not do this out of exposing their sons to "what a real woman looks like" within the entire fat-acceptance context. The Hippie-moms were a lot slimmer and less deluded than the current generation.

As far as expectations go - yes exposing yourself to teen porn and glamour models non-stop will lower your desire for your wife. But seriously it is not that difficult to find a pretty girl who has a strong desire to be slim and sexy for you by eating healthy and working out. I did it with girls I know and I have friends who openly stressed that point even before having children with those women. And they do work out and are slim. Actually women like being slim and sexy - a man just has to put down his foot early in the relationship.

And @Borders - you forget that even a male 9 is happy fucking his 6.5 slim wife, if she is highly attractive for him to begin with. Men are simple creatures - give us a sexy slim woman who is feminine and supportive of us and we can live with that.

The expectations of women are by far more difficult to satisfy, when the whole media machine is showing them lifestyles of wealthy famous women, they imagine that they would be the most happy with.
09-15-2014 05:25 AM
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