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Mother wants to expose her nakedness to sons so they can see a "real woman"
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RE: Mother wants to expose her nakedness to sons so they can see a "real woman"
(09-15-2014 05:25 AM)Zelcorpion Wrote:  
(09-15-2014 04:16 AM)Beyond Borders Wrote:  I don't see anything wrong with this either. ...

If you grew up in a "normal" home, perhaps that seems strange enough as it is.

Not to me. I grew up in a home like hers. It's different, but it's also very human.

My mom was the hippy/biker type, and I saw her tits plenty of times growing up.

@Borders - what you describe is a rather charming free-spirit attitude that the Hippies had. They did not do this out of exposing their sons to "what a real woman looks like" within the entire fat-acceptance context. The Hippie-moms were a lot slimmer and less deluded than the current generation.

A large part of what hippies did and do is based in rejecting the paradigms of society and embracing a more natural life more in tune with the reality of the human condition - and that includes embracing the human form, even if it's not always pretty.

I personally think being fat should be exposed as the unhealthy destruction of the body that it is, but I assure you that many hippies would agree with this woman's reasoning and that it's a big part of why they are not shy about being naked, no matter what they look like.

Outsiders might see the hippy lifestyle as "charming," but there are typically real life philosophies behind their behaviors, some of which are (or may be) ludicrious and others which make some great sense.

Secondly, then and now there were plenty of hippy moms that weren't slim, both young and old. Again, obesity should be discouraged, but I doubt there was ever some utopian time for society where all women were thin, toned, and attractive. Maybe a lot more of them were, but not all, and the older women got the more they let themselves go, especially once their priority shifted from trying to find a mate to trying to be a mother.

I've been living in Asian countries for nearly 20% of my life, for example, and I assure you that even in places with a reputation for slim bodies, there are plenty of women who you would not want to see naked. It's just a fact of life that the majority of people are ugly and unattractive - just walk into any room that is not pre-selected for attractiveness and have a look around.

This isn't to say that America doesn't have a major problem with the current generations and obesity, and I want a woman as trim and proper as the rest of you.

But I think it's downright silly to pretend the rest of them don't exist. Life is not a sterile process, and we will never live in a sterile world free of defects. Personally, it doesn't bother me when I go to a biker run, for instance, and 80% of the women flopping their melons out to my "show us your tits" sign are fat old harpies. I grin, take a photo, and maybe even give them a hug.

I don't want to bang them, but I'm not going to insist they keep their clothes on because they're not a 7 or higher either. Life's too short for that attitude.

Quote:As far as expectations go - yes exposing yourself to teen porn and glamour models non-stop will lower your desire for your wife. But seriously it is not that difficult to find a pretty girl who has a strong desire to be slim and sexy for you by eating healthy and working out. I did it with girls I know and I have friends who openly stressed that point even before having children with those women. And they do work out and are slim. Actually women like being slim and sexy - a man just has to put down his foot early in the relationship.

All that's fine. And I plan to always have a thin woman - if I get married, you can bet I will do everything in my power to make my disapproval known if she lets herself go. I always give shit to girlfriends who start putting on pounds and reel it in before it becomes a problem.

But I don't consider my ability to pull or control women average, and the average guy will not have it like me. I've always had above average women because of this, and if your woman always stays thin and attractive, you have an above average woman.

Also, back to Asians, many are thin, but after kids and such, have torn up stomachs and sagging breasts. More of them make it through the bearing of children without the damage than is the case with bigger women, but plenty of them don't. As they get older, the breasts will definitely hang eventually. That's a simple fact of life.

I just think it's ludicrous to act like women whose bodies aren't some kind of ideal should have some legal or moral obligation to conceal it from their own children. I mean, come on...

Even worse, some people in this thread seem to be insinuating that a woman getting naked in front of her children is some type of sexual deviancy just because her behavior is based on her belief that kids should have a natural expectation of what a naked human looks like. The accusation is nonsense and purely based in a cultural hang-up.

I don't want to sleep with fat, flabby moms, but whether or not they want to walk around their house naked with the kids home is the least of my concerns about their parenting. I'm more worried she'll teach them shitty eating habits, to be honest.

Quote:And @Borders - you forget that even a male 9 is happy fucking his 6.5 slim wife, if she is highly attractive for him to begin with. Men are simple creatures - give us a sexy slim woman who is feminine and supportive of us and we can live with that.

True. On top of that, plenty of men are happy fucking their slightly overweight wives - so much so that "curvy women," who are often actually fat, are even idealized by men now in American society. Other societies as well.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you'll be lonely often, and sometimes
frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Kipling
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